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A View On Eye Beauty: The Facts

Following the A View On Eye Beauty: The Event, I would like to share some facts about the 1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ brand of contact lenses, the technology and the results of a new local poll which reflected that our “eyes” is the most important facial asset of naturally beautiful women.


A new local poll revealed that being beautiful has a lot to do with one’s eyes. In fact, big eyes are a key defining feature of female beauty but women are not willing to go under the knife to enhance their eyes, preferring non-invasive means such as eye makeup or the use of beauty enhancements contact lenses.

Commissioned by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Singapore as part of their “Define you beauty, Discover possibilities” campaign, the poll surveyed over 200 males and females between 18-39 years old on their views of what constitutes natural beauty amongst women.

The poll found that more than 80% of men and women ranked the “eyes” as the most important facial asset of naturally beautiful women. In addition, the poll found that attractive eyes are determined primarily by the size of one’s eyes, with nearly 1 in 2 respondents indicating that size was the biggest determining factor of eye beauty – even over double eyelids or long eyelashes.

Interestingly, majority of respondents defined naturally beautiful women as those who “did not need makeup to look good” or “have not done any plastic surgery”. This may explain why 73% of women rejected undergoing plastic surgery to achieve bigger eyes, in spite of “big eyes” being rated as the key defining factor for eye beauty.

Instead, results suggest that most women tend to favour non-invasive methods to achieve bigger eyes, such as enhancing eyes with eyeliner (74%) or through the use of beauty enhancement contact lenses (58%).

The preference for beauty enhancement contact lenses is also reflected in the current Korean beauty trend, which many Singaporean women follow. Doe-eyed South Korean actress Lee Min Jung, best known for her role in the popular Korean TV drama “Boys Over Flowers” and more recently, the Korean movie “Cyrano Agency”, believes beauty enhancement lenses are becoming more and more essential to Korean beauty. “Beauty enhancement lenses are very popular in Korea and many use them. I even know of some ladies who refuse to leave house before they have worn their beauty enhancement lenses, as they would feel like they haven’t finished dressing-up,” says Lee, who is also the brand advocate for 1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™.


With the focus on “natural” means of enhancing eye beauty, such as using beauty enhancement lenses, little wonder why a whopping 77% of women surveyed ranked safety as the priority in their choice of beauty enhancement contact lenses. Comfort level was also rated as an important factor when using such contact lenses.


1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ beauty enhancement contact lenses makes the Asian eyes look naturally bigger, sparkling and more beautiful, without compromising eye health.

Specially designed to enlarge the Asian iris from an average of 11.2mm in diameter to 12.8mm, 1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ beauty enhancement lenses define the eyes making them more captivating and alluring.

The Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ technologyseals the lens colorants between two thin, transparent layers of lens material, thus protecting the eyes. In addition, 1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses offers UV protection of more than 80% UVA and 95% UVB. This is in line with internationally recognized Class 2 UV blocking standards. Available as daily disposable lenses, 1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ conveniently maintains optimum eye health with a fresh pair of lens every day.

Available in three styles, Accent, Vivid and Natural Shine.

1 Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ is available at leading optometrists and retails at S$61.10 for a box of 15 pairs.

4 thoughts on “A View On Eye Beauty: The Facts

  1. Didn’t know Lee MIn Jung modeled for acuve (favorite actress)
    makes me want to buy these lenses because they are very atural and beautiful
    thanks for the info 🙂

    • You are welcome Maeri.
      Try them if you have the chance, I have been wearing them for years!!
      I love both Accent Style and Natural Shine the most, they are so natural =)

      • hi i just came across your review. im thinking of purchasing between accent and natural shine, but i dont know which one. I know for some people, they think accent does not look natural since it’s simply a black rim, whereas natural shine has a outer black rim and a brown rim within that. I would like to know more of your thoughts on this. Thanks

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