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Shu Uemura Color Atelier Pressed Eyeshadows

I picked up a few items from Shu Uemura Color Atelier last week and I am back with some thoughts about them, including swatches in this post. For prices of the refills and casing, you can refer to my shopping post here >

I chose 4 Pressed Eyeshadows in P Light Beige 820, P Light Green 520, ME Soft Copper 270 and M Dark Brown 895 which I think makes a great palette for daily use – whether for the day or night. Or change a look from day to night.

The white casing is a limited edition casing whereas the black one is permanent. It comes with a long mirror – handy but I wish the lid colour is identical to the casing itself – the lid is off white. I think the white casing is perfect for the eyeshadow combination above.

Unlike the mono and duo casings, the quad casing comes with a detachable insert where you slide the refills in. Personally, I think one can simply slot and press the refills in place instead of sliding. The four clips on the side hold the refills in place, very precise – meaning the refills won’t move or even slide out.

After slotting the refills according to the order you like, slide the insert into the casing – make sure you hear the click sound to ensure its securely in place, you don’t want the eyeshadows to fall out.

There it is, a palette of your choice, your creation – in this case, my creation.

Total cost of this palette is S$110 – a total of 5.6g of eyeshadows in 4 shades. If you have a palette, you don’t even have to spend S$22 on one.

During Shu Uemura’s revamp of their eyeshadows and blushers, some shades were discontinued but popular shades were brought back. In short, Color Atelier consists of new and old shades and during the revamp, Shu Uemura renumbered and renamed certain shades. To find out their new names and codes, refer to Rouge Deluxe’s post here >

I did some cross-referencing the other day so I don’t pick up the same shades. Personally, I find Shu Uemura’s coding a little confusing but that’s just me.

Swatches above taken indoor with flash by the window during the day. Colours are pretty close to real life but it also depends on your computer screen.

Moving on to the colours and textures. Off the 5 various finishes, Matte, Pearl, IRidescent, MEtallic and Glitters, I like the texture of both Pearl and Metallic the most. Colours seem to be more vibrant, textures seem to be softer and creamier. When swatching some Matte eyeshadows (like other matte eyeshadows from other brands) the texture is more powdery and tend not to sit onto the skin well. But, when applied, they are just as good as the other textures.

P Light Beige 820 is a neutral beige colour in pearl finish – ideal for highlights under the brow bones and/or inner corners of the eyes, P Light Green 520 is a pale mint green colour in pearl finish – perfect to brighten up the eyes when used for the inner corners of the eyes, ME Soft Copper 270 is a warm copper brown with reddish undertone in metallic finish – great as an overall lid colour and/or apply it to the centre of the eyes to create a 3D illusion and M Dark Brown 895 is a neutral deep brown in matte finish – for defining the crease, out corners of the eyes and/or used as an eyeliner.

I would say ME Soft Copper 270 is the gem of this palette. You would have to see it in real life to appreciate the beauty of it – the multi-coloured shimmer is stunning and reflects light like no others. Sophia did a look with this colour, click here to view.

UPDATE Overall, I would recommend these eyeshadows – whether you get the casing or not. However, the range of colours are pretty limited and I wish that Shu Uemura will continue growing them, releasing more unique shades. The colours lasted pretty well throughout the day and during application, I experienced minimum fall out – including ME Soft Copper 270 but I would recommend using a base when working with the ME range.

A look featuring these new colours coming up shortly. Thank you for reading.

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