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MAC Semi-Precious Collection For Summer 2011

Inspired by the naturally beautiful form & mystery of ethically mined minerals from Brazil, these Mineralize formulas get richer with the infusion of four finely milled gems. Like any limited edition, these elements start off rare & tend to get rarer!

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Semi-Precious Collection For Summer 2011 launched at TANGS yesterday, just in time for the 12% rebate. The highlights of this limited edition collection are the 12 Mineralize Eyeshadows, 4 Mineralize Skinfinish and the 4 Split Fibre Brushes. The collection also consists of several other items like, Lipsticks, Cremesheen Glass and Mineralize Blushes.

To my surprise, there were no proper display for the collection – items were briefly lying on the counter top.

Anyway, I was in and out of TANGS in merely 30 minutes – there to pick up some items and check out this collection since I do not own any Mineralize Eyeshadows apart from In The Groove and Soften The Mood from MAC In The Groove Collection a year ago.

Mineralize Eyeshadows in Smoked Rubymelange of burgundy and black, Rare Findmelange of violet, brown and gold and Claritymelange of light pink, off white green, gold and black. Retails at S$36 each.

When swatched, most of the Mineralize Eyeshadows seem to have decent colour payoff with Smoked Ruby, Dark Indulgence and Golden Gaze being the most pigmented. Faux Gold being somewhere in between. Texture and finish wise seem to vary depending on the colours with Mineral Mode, Unsurpassable, Clarity and Quartz Fusion being glittery – others are mostly smooth and metallic.

Close up of the individual Mineralize Eyeshadows.

Personally, I would wear Smoked Ruby on its own. Clarity and Rare Find looks better with a base (whether coloured or clear) or layered on top of eyeshadows for that extra dimension.

Mineralize Blush in Warmth Of Coralmelange of coral and peach. Retails at S$44 each. Would have picked up Feeling Flush if it’s slightly softer.

I didn’t swatch of look at any of the Mineralize Skinfinish because I was never really into them but Rose Quartz and Pearl looks pretty awesome.

Lustre Lipstick in Gem Of Rosesmid-tone strawberry pink. Retails at S$28 each. Amongst the 4 lipsticks, Gem Of Roses is the only one that stood out to me although One Of A Kind looks pretty too.

Colour descriptions extracted from Temptalia here >

Swatches above take indoor with flash by the window with natural sunlight. Pretty true to the colours in real life.

I didn’t pay attention to any of the 4 Split Fibre Brushes but they might be worth a second look especially 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush and 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

10 thoughts on “MAC Semi-Precious Collection For Summer 2011

  1. We’ve got 2 same MES – Clarity and Smoked Ruby! I picked up Golden Gaze also. Both Smoked Ruby and Golden Gaze felt very rich and smooth to the touch when swatched and good payoff also. I was tempted by the split fibre cheek brush but passed it over for the 217 instead – I would get waaaaay more use out of the latter! I like Gem of Roses but i didn’t even go near the lipsticks cos I didn’t want to allow myself to cave 😀

    • Cool!!
      Smoked Ruby is really pretty =)
      I was so tempted to get Blue Sheen, Golden Gaze, Dark Indulgence and Faux Gold too..
      LOL, pretty much everything but they aren’t unique enough for me to get them so I ended up with 3 which I am extremely happy with..

    • Kas,
      I got Golden Gaze also. I wore Smoked Ruby today & love it.I was also tempted by the split fibre cheek brush(still am).

      Gem of Roses is so pretty. Been buying up too many lippies so I only allowed myself that. I got all the blush too, loving Feeling Flushed under MAC Honey Rose. MSF this time around are frosty & has too many glitter particles IMO. I love Clarity, but I’ve got too many fm this collection.

  2. I picked up Smoked Ruby, Blue Sheen, Dark Indulgence, Feeling Flush and the Gem of Roses lipstick. I wore Dark Indulgence with Romp today and love it. It’s a shame Norway didn’t get the split-fibre brushes :/

    • Hi Fieran,
      How are you liking Smoked Ruby?
      Yet to try mine..
      Oh, sometimes, I totally don’t understand why some countries have this and not the others, makes us feel so upset!!
      Btw, I heard some bad reviews of the split-fibre brushes anyway..
      Gem Of Roses is LOVE =)

      • I haven’t tried that one yet 🙂 I only used Blue Sheen yesterday with a slate grayish black in the crease (MAC’s Stovepipe Black) and I kind of liked it. The quality is pretty good and the colour applies very evenly.

        I shall try to use Smoked Ruby tomorrow. So agree with how strange it is that some brands only give some products to certain markets …never liked that part. It makes makeup feel less fun.

        • Sometimes, it makes me feels superior to have items from Asian Exclusive only collections but most of the time, I feel sad cos Asia don’t carry many items that are available else where..

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