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Minx Launches Minx Professional For Naja

Minx Nail’s newest collection, “Minx Professional for Naja” was designed by West Hollywood nail stylist Naja Rickette of Extremedys2012 Salon.  Naja was one of the very first nail stylists to begin using Minx in late 2007 and she’s thrilled to have the chance to offer her creations to us.

The designs in my collection are inspired by the men I’ve loved and the places we’ve been or that we are going to go. The art deco structural lines, shapes and geometric tidbits are a metaphor for the twists and turns that happen on the road of life. The transparent lace designs are an artist’s playground which can be worn on their own, but that also invite the nail stylist to layer, embellish, and basically let loose with their creative juices. And, of course, all the collection has lots of shine, metallic shine!

The Naja named this design after herself because she think it embodies her personality. Her inspiration was the classic Christian Louboutin pump in black with the red bottom. It’s timeless and will never go out of style, just like the classic bright red nails will always have a place in fashion no matter what’s hot that season. Naja especially like this design for fall and winter nights.

Paris Nights which makes Naja think of the lights in Paris and the sparkling Eiffel Tower. She absolutely adore France because if you buy something from France, you know it will last a lifetime.  Naja hopes that in the same way, every time she bring her nail skills and services to customers, they will also feel that “The Naja” is part of their lives!

La La Land was inspired by all the driving Naja do every day. In Los Angeles, a large part of your life is spent on the freeway and when she’s driving she come up with lots of ideas and she was thinking of the various shapes inspired by being on the roads that twist and turn. She also thought that this was a great metaphor for her career and the various roads she is going down.

London Days was actually inspired by Navajo jewelry. Naja wears mostly black when she’s in Los Angeles but the turquoise and white and silver triangles of this design make we want to jump from triangle to triangle and to visit other major beauty hubs like London to see what’s going on over there.

Johnny is one of the most anticipated designs in this collection is the transparent lace in black. Bold enough to wear on its own, it also begs to be layered and decorated. It has a strong powerful presence but also invites additional attention. Like all the lace designs, Johnny can be layered over other Minx base coats or over any color gel polish (acrylic or dry polish) to create an endless array of fashion options right at your fingertips.

Jovan represents the layers contained in all of us and the people who love us enough to push our buttons and to dig deeper and deeper to the ooey-gooey center of our soul. Real transformation and true growth can only happen when you are passionate enough to delve down deeply into yourself and others.

Joey was the last design to be added and it was made in response to all the people on Facebook and at the professional shows who requested it! Naja loves this golden, elegant lace and it brings to mind a beautiful yet strong netting that captures the support and enthusiasm her fellow nail stylists have been sending her way as she builds this collection.

“This design is a big thank you to all of you for your support!”

J.Michael represents the many different ways that we relate to each other and that small actions or words connect us to each other, gradually tying us closer and closer together. Relating to others is so much more enjoyable when you sink your teeth in to the relationship and build up knowledge of the person until you have a strong fabric of trust and affection.


Which is your favourite design? Mine has to be Joey of course =)

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