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Sample Testing Series

Found a couple of samples I would love to try as I went through and tidied up my makeup storage. These are samples of products given by the more generous sales assistants during my purchases of other products with them. I don’t always try every sample given especially if its skin care products – but I love them for traveling.

To me, samples are supposed to help buyers – us, to determine whether the product is suitable for us. To feel the texture, explore the formula and test the product – see how it reacts to our skin. To me, testing samples will also determine if a product is worth purchasing.

In this series of upcoming posts, I will try several sample products which will lead to the ultimate question – will I buy purchase the full size or not?

Below are some of the samples in line for the reviews.

A few things to keep in mind when reading my thoughts about this series;-

  • The reviews will be quick and short revealing the answer to whether it’s worth purchasing the actual product or not and why.
  • As I do not have many chances to wear these products – as in the sample’s quantity is limited, I won’t be able to try it 5 times, I might not have a complete overview of the product.
  • I will try my best to go into the key details – like pros and cons of the product.

Any preference to which you would like for review first?

Do you test out samples to see if it suits you before purchasing? Or do you have many samples at home and not know what to do with them? Join me on this Sample Testing Series of posts.

6 thoughts on “Sample Testing Series

  1. I don’t normally try samples, hv a habit to chuck them aside. But I tried that Guerlain base w gold flakes. Love it enough to get a full sized bottle. I am still using it now.

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