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Diorshow Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner In 098 Carbon & 178 Navy

The Diorshow Liner Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner is a new product that was launched together with their Fall makeup collection. They weigh 0.30g each and are made in Italy. Retailing at S$34 each, I believe these will be added to their permanent collection.

These eyeliners immediately caught my attention as they reminded me very much of my favourite Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-lasting Eyeliners (see my collection, including swatches here).

I picked up the Diorshow Liner Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner in 098 Carbona matte black and 178 Navy – a metallic deep blue.

Swatches below includes comparison with Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-lasting Eyeliner in 10 Ébéne and 30 Marine. The Dior eyeliners are softer and creamier in texture which explains the sheen coming through in the swatches below. They glide on the lids very smoothly and the colour payoff is excellent.

They all claimed to be waterproof so I put them on a test under running water for a couple of seconds. All the colours stayed exactly the same after I pat off the excess water. No feathering nor fading occurred.

When removing with a makeup remover, the Dior eyeliners came off with just a wipe whereas the Chanel eyeliners needed a little more effort.

With just a dollar difference in price, which would be your pick? The Diorshow Liner Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner or the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner?

It’s too early for me to tell which is better or which I prefer but I reckon the new Diorshow Liner Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner will become one of my favourite eyeliners in no time.

11 thoughts on “Diorshow Long-Lasting Backstage Eyeliner In 098 Carbon & 178 Navy

  1. OK, that’s a very thorough review 🙂 I have Ebene and Marine and it’s impressive to see the Dior liner look even better than those two. Tempted..shall have to peek at duty free on my next travels.

    Thanks for the review, Joey 🙂

  2. DIor Show liner has a better colour pay off, looks more intense & vibrant, and easier to remove with make up remover – Clearly a winner here. I mean, for waterproof make up close to the eyes, you wouldn’t want to tug & pull & scrub that hard when you want to take it off.

    • Totally agree with you David!!
      I am so excited about them, next thing you know, I will be stalking every colour available ~~
      Not sure if that’s a good thing!!

  3. There seems to be a hint of something in the dior eyeliner, or is that just the photograph? I need a new eyeliner though so this one may be a possibility, thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Joey,

    Thanks for enoughter great review. Is there a bit of a sparkle in the navy blue dior? And the dior is softer they say does it break off more easier you think?
    Hate when that happens.

    • Hi Nawi,
      Yes, there’s a little sparkle but it still applies smoothly, not gritty..
      A small bit broke off when I used it the other day – got to be extra careful!!

  5. This is wonderful but where do I get this product? From what I understand the pencil has been discontinued. I bought it 1/2 years ago on a cruise and I have never had such a wonderful eyeliner. Go figure they would discontinue the pencil. I do not care for the angled tip they have replaced it with and it does not last nearly half of what the pencil did. I bought one on ebay and now that is gone. I have seen other colors online (ebay and overstock) but I prefer navy as black is to dark for my skin tone.

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