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My Beauty Picks For Fall 2011

Chanel pretty much dominated the list this Fall.

Let’s take a look at what I have on the list from Chanel. Mostly from their Illusion D’Ombre Makeup Collection For Fall 2011. This collection is already available at the Chanel ION and Marina Bay Sands Boutique since last week but I am waiting for them to launch at either Isetan or TANGS so I can enjoy member’s rebate.

I haven’t quite made up my mind on which of the six gorgeous Illusion D’Ombre I will get. Based on my gut instincts, I would think Epatant, Ebloui and Illusoire are my picks. Also from this collection, Le Vernis Nail Colour in Graphite and Quartz seemed to captured my heart. I am not too sure about Peridot.

Beginning of August, Chanel will also launch a limited edition makeup collection entitled – Aquarelles de Chanel, as featured in the Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture show. Would love to check it out especially the palette pictured above. Some said it’s an eyeshadow palette but some mentioned it’s a highlighter for face. Which ever it is, it sure looks pretty in the casing.

This Fall, Chanel will also launch the Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick – a new range of matte lipstick with a velvet finish.

Looks like I need a bigger pay check to keep up with all the stunning products Chanel is rolling out each season. But the great thing is, not all their products are limited edition, there is time to consider. Not to mention Chanel’s creations are timeless and every time I look back at the collections, I fall in love with them again and again.

Dior came up with two blue nail polishes to die for – for me at least and they are the Dior Vernis in 607 Blue Denim and 908 Tuxedo. I am not a huge blue fan and I don’t have a large collection of blues to compare but these two definitely topped the chart. From the excellent quality and formula to the ever-so-stunning shade.

For more pictures, swatches and my thoughts about the Dior Blue Tie Makeup Collection For Fall 2011, click on the links below;-

I am still trying to figure out if the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 214 Blue Ribbons and the Dior Addict Lipstick in 214 Tulle belongs to the Blue Tie collection. It seems like different countries have released several different items. If you know, can you please comment below?

Next, I have a few items from NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2011. The entire collection look so beautiful and come on, isn’t the Single Eyeshadow in Outremer fierce? I would love to get it together with the Duo Eyeshadow in Grand Palais and Trio Eyeshadow in Delphes.

And lastly, I have the Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes For Fall 2011 on the list. The wand looks awesome doesn’t it?

What are your picks this season?

14 thoughts on “My Beauty Picks For Fall 2011

  1. Hello babe, ]

    I already got the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire. It is beautiful.

    This Fall- I will be picking up stuff from Jill Stuart – the blush compact and Prism Carat Eyes, and most likely the eye palette from YSL, and a couple of eye palettes & blush from Lunasol 🙂

    Nars Outremer is beautiful but I still haven’t figure our if I can carry it off. 😉

    • Hi hun,
      Wow, I am drooling over your shopping list!!
      Yes, Lunasol, I am new to this brand but can’t wait to explore them because I LOVE Shelly Ocean eyeshadow palette =)

      • According to the SA, Lunasol Fall should be arriving in Sept. And, I think the e/s palette has shading colors which is pretty unique!

        I bought the Spring Ocean palettes in Natural, Vivid & Colorful as well of the Summer Vacation Ocean. 🙂
        Ok, I am a Lunasol fan… 😉

        I think you will like the Fall palettes – the browns & grey ones.. 😉

        No YSL for you this fall? I thought you’ll like the eye palette *lol

        • I am very impressed with the eyeshadows..
          The texture is simply luxurious =)
          Can’t wait to check them out in September, thank you for the info!!
          Hmm.. will see if I can get my hands on YSL Fall, quite keen to check out their blushers tho..

  2. MAC Splashproof mascara has a wand that is very slightly similar. Makes for beautiful lashes 🙂

    I am itching for the NARS Outremer and Grand Palais, let’s see if I can get my hands on them or not. I have the Chanel quint they release in Spring this year, and the shades of those are quite similar to the Illusion D’Ombre so I’m not sure if I want to get those or not. I am a bit tempted by Mirifique and Epatant. Now the Rouge Allure Velvet lippies will definitely be cool.

  3. Ooooo yes the Chanel face or eye palette looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the new Chanel foundation too. 🙂
    And yes the givenchy mascara is interesting, they always put out innovative mascara wands.
    Currently a little underwhelmed by the Chanel ombres…shall take my time to decide if I want any of them.

    • Hi Sophia,
      Yes, right? All brands are coming up with new foundations.. OMG!!
      When will I ever finish my existing foundations?
      I can’t wait to buy the Chanel Fall collection items from TANGS this Friday!!

  4. hello Joey! The chanel aquarelles palette with tweed design is actually highligher according to SA but it also pigmented enough to be used as a blush 🙂 and it retailing for $69.

    hths 🙂

    • Hi Pink Angel,
      Thank you for the information.
      That’s what I have been told too but according to Marie Claire Malaysia’s Facebook Page, it says eyeshadow palette..
      Well, got to wait and see =)

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