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Introducing Anna Sui Makeup Collection For Fall 2011

This Fall, Anna Sui introduces a range of products that will make making up more fun, more alluring and more dramatic. Anna Sui wants us to stand out from the crowd with their star product this season – the Anna Sui Perfect Mascara.

At the recent Autumn/Winter showing at the slew of international Fashion Shows earlier this year, style maven Anna Sui presented her spectacular collection of oversized parkas, loud colours and 60s inspired prints. The makeup was gorgeously simple with clean faces and a clear focus on defined eyes.

Increasingly, in Asia, I see women creating interesting eye looks and I wanted to give them something to play with that answers all their needs.

Anna Sui

This collection includes the following products;-

Astonishing eyes in just a few magical strokes.
The perfect mascara creates an optical illusion of larger wider eyes by lengthening the lashes in the centre and widening the shorted lashes at the sides of the eye.

Features a flexible spatula-type comb which allows better access to the base of the lashes. It thickly coats each lash and adds endless volume and length.

  • 001 Star Black
  • 100 Brilliant Blue
  • 300 Brilliant Pink

Three colours in one compact allows a customized look for any event. Shape and outline with the dark colour and fill in with your custom blended graduated colour to suit your hair colour and look.

  • 01 Red Brown
  • 02 Yellow Brown
  • 03 Ash Brown

New EYELINER PENCIL WP (S$28) (Limited Edition)

  • 01 Brilliant Blue
  • 02 Mysterious Purple
  • 03 Hot Pink
  • 04 Pearl Bronze
  • 05 Neon Green

New LIMITED FOUNDATION CASE (S$28) (Limited Edition)
These limited edition foundation cases are too cute to miss. Get one of each to match your mood. They are perfectly sized for all Anna Sui powder foundations and includes a sponge for flawless application.
From left to right;-

  • Rock – Strong and striking, a classic rock look.
  • Cute – Bright red strawberries add a pop of colour.
  • Elegant – Delicate and feminine, a breath of floral innocence.


The Anna Sui Makeup Collection For Fall 2011 is available from 1 August at all leading department stores.

Which products do you think you will pick up from this collection?

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