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The Opening Of SK-II Miracle House With Tang Wei

Award-winning actress, Tang Wei, makes her first appearance in Singapore as SK-II ambassador.

I was honoured to be invited to the event at VivoCity last month to witness the opening of SK-II’s Miracle House and caught a glimpse of the star. With her natural beauty and radiant complexion, Tang Wei joins the likes of international celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Qiqi and Lee Sinje, inspiring women around the world with her miracle transformation to crystal clear skin with SK-II.

Tang Wei is known for her stellar performances in movies like, “Lust, Caution”, “Crossing Hennessy” and “Late Autumn”.

I still remember the very first time I experienced the feel, scent and touch of Facial Treatment Essence on my skin. My skin felt so pampered, so refreshed and rejuvenated. After using SK-II, my skin is smoother, moisturized and has more glow. Now I dare to go out without wearing much makeup.

Evelyn Tan was the host for the evening. During the event, Tang Wei shared her beauty regime with the audience. It’s surprising to learn that Tang Wei used to be a “tom boy” in school. She also mentioned, she never paid much attention to her skin until recent years. Just a few years ago, she noticed that her skin takes a longer time to recover from minor scars and wounds – and the rest became history.

Tang Wei recommends exercising as sweating is a form of detoxification. Exercising not only makes you a healthier person but also a better looking, more radiant person.

Besides Tang Wei, there are two other important speakers. Pictured left is Dr. Kukizo Miyamoto, the Principal Scientist, Research and Development for P&G Beauty, Japan. And on the right, we have Samuel S. Kim, the Vice President, Asean and Asia Development Markets for Procter & Gamble Asia.

This year, SK-II has revolutionized the skin dialogue with ‘BIO-Shift™‘, the breakthrough discovery in skincare that goes beyond genes and DNA to holistically shift skin’s physiology and biology to realize skin transformation at a micro-level.

According to SK-II, we can ‘BIO-Shift™‘ skin to its ideal crystal clarity through specific ingredients, effecting change across each metabolic pathway that leads from the starting point of the gene to its final physical expression of skin’s crystal clarity.

Extensive studies on bio-indexes and Pitera® have also led SK-II scientists to discover how the miracle bio-ingredient is able to shift skin’s bio-science to crystal clarity.

For those who are new to Pitera®, Pitera®’s story began 35 years ago at a sake brewery in Japan. SK-II scientists noticed that the elderly sake brewers had wrinkled faces but extraordinary soft and youthful hands.

Observing that their hands came in constant contact with the yeast during the sake fermentation process, the scientists conducted further investigations into the yeast stains. Years of research and 350 yeast strains later, SK-II successfully isolated the miracle ingredient Pitera®, a natural-occuring liquid produced only under a strictly controlled environment.

Pitera® is unlike any other ingredients or nutrients which deliver only a single or a few benefits; its rich biodiversity comes from how it is naturally derived from the metabolism of a rare yeast strain.

The power of Pitera® lies in its rich biodiversity: Containing over 50 essential skin nutrients that work in combination to activate skin cell renewal, the naturally-occurring bio-ingredient delivers a comprehensive range of benefits to skin. SK-II’s Pitera® enhances the skin’s natural functions, keeping it moisturized and transforming it to crystal clarity.

SK-II recently completed the world’s first 10-year longitudinal holistic study on skin and has found that crystal clear skin is determined by five dimensions that are part of SK-II’s unique Crystal Clear Skin Model (pictured above). Added to this, SK-II’s extensive research into the bio-indexes of skin that determine crystal clarity have led us to confirm how Pitera®’s rich diversity is the key to crystal clear skin.

As this bio-ingredient shares a similar composition of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids as skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors, transforming the complexion along all five dimension of crystal clear skin:

  • Texture refinement: Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and other natural ingredients beneficial to the skin, Pitera® enhances skin texture and smoothens skin surface
  • Radiance enhancement: Pitera® helps makes skin softer, fairer and more luminous, giving you a youthful, healthy glow
  • Firmness power: By tightening facial muscles for a lifting effect, Pitera® elevates skin’s firmness power and reduces sagging
  • Spot control: With Pitera®, spots are controlled, leaving you with even skin tone and enhanced translucence
  • Wrinkle resilience: Rich in amino acids and minerals, Pitera® ensures skin is adequately hydrated, preventing dryness and softening and reducing fine lines on skin

 Pitera® has a liquid-like texture and unique smell as it is naturally derived from a unique fermentation process. Boasting the highest concentration of the miracle bio-ingredient in any SK-II product, Facial Treatment Essence displays a similar watery texture as it consists of over 90% Pitera®. It also shares the same unique scent as Pitera® as it contains zero fragrance addictives.

At the event, there were booths showcasing Tang Wei’s favourite SK-II products and some personal belongings from the days she studied in the UK.

SK-II’s brand ambassadors are reputed for their beautiful, crystal clear skin. Recent research conducted by SK-II has shown that the quality, texture and appearance of celebrities’ skin are attributed to the successful  ‘BIO-Shift™‘ of the five dimensions of skin: texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience. Key findings have revealed that:

  • With regards to texture, firmness, radiance, spot-control and wrinkle resilience, the skin condition of SK-II celebrities is the top 5% amongst women in the same age group
  • SK-II celebrities have dramatically clearer and more moisturized skin than women in the same age group
  • SK-II celebrities’ skin is 34% higher in hydration versus the general female population

Tang Wei started using SK-II products just three months before becoming an SK-II Ambassador in September 2010. Since then, she has been using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II cleansing products and SK-II Advanced Eye Treatment Film daily. Her makeup artist noticed that her skin has improved and is now smoother, tighter and glowing.

Tang Wei’s top three skincare tips are:

  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly to ensure makeup is removed completely
  2. Use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to keep skin hydrated and firm
  3. When traveling frequently, use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask to ensure skin stays moisturized

My sister, who is 11 years older than me, have been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for over 5 years. I have always admired her smooth and youthful looking skin (many people thinks she is just a few years older than me), so I asked her to share a little about her experiences with SK-II products with me – specially for this entry.

She have been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for more than 5 years together with her other skincare products. She uses it every morning and night. Not only her, but I also realised her skin became smoother, more luminous throughout the years. It helped her maintained a youthful and healthy glow. However, my sister didn’t feel the lifting effect which is one of the five dimensions Pitera® has to offer.

I hope this post helped you understand SK-II as a brand and their products better. Before this event, I knew 1 thing – SK-II is famous for its Pitera®, many celebrities uses it and it is supposed to be very good. Now, I know the origin of Pitera® and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the closest to Pitera® itself. And all the hard work that went into developing and extracting the ingredient so women like us can also have crystal clear skin.

Thank you for reading.

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