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New Blogshop Alert, Let’s Welcome Reflectivity

Hello everyone, I have a question for you – do you get excited with new blogshops? Personally, I only shop from a selected few and I am aware that there are many blogshops on the market. Over 1000 in Singapore itself? But having new blogshops also means we have more variety to choose from, doesn’t it?

Today, I would like to introduce Reflectivity to you.

Reflectivity is a new blogshop, in fact, they have just launched their 1st collection about 2 weeks ago. They feature mainly women’s clothings and accessories imported from parts of the world. Their price range starts from S$8.90 for a piece of accessory to under S$30 for a work dress. Most of their clothings are free size and fits UK6 to UK10. For bottoms, they have sizes from S to L.

Reflectivity aims to launch new collections every 10 to 14 days and in each collection, there will be at least 15 designs.

When it comes to blogshop shopping, I am very particular with the package – because it’s one of the most important things, besides the quality of clothing and customer service. Although most of the blogshops I have shopped at provide plastic wrapper, some don’t and I am very glad that these comes with one. I often have the fear if clothings are sent without a plastic wrapper, they might get dirty during transit. Water stains, dirt – you name it.

I had a sneak preview of what’s launching next and got to pick a few items from their 2nd collection which will launch tomorrow – 22 August 2011 at 11am. Out of the bunch, I chose a multi-coloured maxi dress, a cornflower blue tube jumpsuit, a coral top and a red envelope bag.

The pieces I have chosen have decent quality – material is soft, not sheer and doesn’t smell funky – the colours didn’t fade nor stain during washing either. I really like the jumpsuit and envelope bag – I have them with me in Australia (will post pictures of them when I am back). However, I feel that the team can work on the designs a little better – bringing in more trendy pieces in time to come. And perhaps move into self-manufacturing items?

For the readers of Joey’space, I have a lovely news for you.

Get 10% discount with code #reflectjcb

You can find Reflectivity on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy shopping and speak to you soon when I am back. I can’t wait to share my trip with you – I have also worked out to pull out pieces for Outfit Of The Day posts which I know you all love.

Thank you for reading.

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