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Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose

One of my favourite lipsticks recently. I have been wearing the Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose almost daily – I love how creamy and light it feels on my lips and this shade is very natural, excellent for work.

The Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose contains 3g of product, made in France and it retails at S$35. It was on the display together with the Clarins Colour Definition Makeup Collection For Fall 2011 (for full details of this collection, visit Makeup Stash here) – I am not sure if this range of lipsticks are permanant or limited edition items or even if it’s from the collection – but I am loving it.

It’s available in 4 shades – Nude Rose, Nude Coral, Nude Caramel and Nude Beige.

The Rouge Hydra Nude range of lipsticks features nourishing and moisturizing ingredients in a smooth cream texture that colours the lips in radiant nude tones. It also acts as a lip conditioning tool and contains a record-breaking 25% skin treatment ingredients. An innovative formula transformed into cream on the lips to moisturize, nourish, repair and protect.

Swatches above taken indoor, by the window – without flash. Swatches below taken indoor, by the window – with flash.

Overall, I think the  Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose is worth checking out, particularly if you like natural looking shades and if you have dry lips. I have posted pictures of me wearing this lipstick here and here.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this range of lipstick before? How are you liking them?

6 thoughts on “Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose

  1. I got nude rose and nude beige frm metro at city square mall last week. Nice everyday colors! They still hv stock but very low quantity. I like it, not drying.

    • Thank you Lynn for commenting, am sure some readers are still trying to locate these LE lipsticks =)
      I am loving Nude Rose so much, I think I will finish it by end of the year if not before!!

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