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LEGO On The Loose At Sydney Aquarium

The Sydney Aquarium is literally behind our hotel and we catch the Sydney Explorer bus from the aquarium. After our day at The Rocks, we stopped over for a cup of latte and the huge display of King Triton, The Sea King (Little Mermaid’s father) caught our attention. It was gigantic and was placed strategically near the entrance – a place where no one will miss.

I would think the highlights of our trip to the Sydney Aquarium are the LEGO models ON THE LOOSE exhibit which features more than 25 giant LEGO models (at the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World) using over 1.5 million LEGO bricks. This is a world-class exhibit created by LEGO Master Builders in the US and Prague and took over 10,000 man-hours to complete.

Coincidently, I was actually researching about LEGO Art just before I left. I was looking into The Art Of The Brick by Nathan Sawaya. Visit his website here if you are interested.

We visited the aquarium a little late, it was an unplanned trip after all. We missed out all the feeding and talks. We didn’t get to go on the glass bottom boat ride as well. If you are planning to visit after 5pm, there is a special offer – click here to print voucher, you save up to 40% on the entrance fee.

I don’t know much about fishes and am generally not interested in them. But I am fascinated with jellyfishes, seahorses, starfishes and octopuses.

Octopuses are among the most intelligent and flexible of all invertebrates. They have numerous strategies for defending themselves against predators, including the expulsion of ink, the use of camouflage and dynamic displays, their ability to jet quickly through the water, and their ability to hide. All octopuses are venomous, but only one group, the blue-ringed octopuses, is known to be deadly to humans.

As mentioned above, octopuses are intelligent. The exact extent of their intelligence and learning capability is much debated among biologists but maze and problem-solving experiments have shown that they show evidence of a memory system.

Pictured above are some of the many LEGO displayed throughout the aquarium. They are very impressive – the various tones, shape and sizes are all very well proportioned. Maybe not the mermaid.

Visiting the aquarium brought all of us down the memory lane, to our Primary school days – school excursions, remember? Well, I don’t think I will visit the aquarium again but it was a pretty pleasant journey – nothing spectacular except the giant LEGO. The dugongs were quite friendly and I feel that they love the attention, the sharks, hmm.. not so friendly as we probably look like food to them.

Thank you for reading.

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