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My 5 All Time Favourites For August 2011

For the month of August, I have come across some really great products – most of them have been mentioned 0n separate occasions but I have gathered all of them here, in this post.

Firstly, I have the Clinique Gradient Powder Blusher in Black Honey (reviewed here). I brought it along for my recent vacation and it really served me well. It can be used to sculpt, contour and as a blush. It warms up the entire look, giving me a healthier glow. Can be worn lightly or slightly more intense for extra definition. If you have missed the look I did with this blusher, click here.

Second, I have seen Ardell False Eyelashes around for a long time but never picked a pair up. A few weeks ago, I finally did and I am absolutely in love with them. Most of them are S$9 per pair – very reasonable priced. These lashes can be found at Sephora. They look incredibly natural – I wore them everyday during my holiday. Each pair can be reused for at least 5 times, more if you are gentle with them. They feel light and comfortable on the lids. I also like the width of the lashes, some of them fits exactly to my eyes – saves the measuring and cutting.

Next, if you haven’t checked out the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color, please do so – they are amazing. I have all the 12 shades swatched plus a little review about them here. I have also down a look featuring VI 305 Purple Dawn here.

Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude in 01 Nude Rose is “my lips but better” kind of shade and it’s hydrating. It also provides a subtle sheen which is very natural. You may have seen me wearing it on different occasions this month and talking about it so much on the blog. I have reviewed it here. A reader mentioned its limited edition and has been sold out at Robinsons. If you are interested in getting one, check it out at TANGS tomorrow – there will be a 12% rebate too.

I am in love with the Urban Decay Melt Down Makeup Remover because it does its job so well but I dislike the strong scent of it. I have kind of accepted the scent after the 6th or 7th time using it I guess – it didn’t smell so bad. The consistency of this remover is very much like a white colour paste that literally – as the name suggests, melts the makeup. Unlike cream/milk makeup removers, it doesn’t turn “wet” or feels “lighter” after massaging on the face, in fact this remover becomes thicker and denser. It removes over 90% of heavy eye makeup including traces of eyelash glue. Worth a try but do a sniff test before buying – just in case you don’t like the smell.

Thank you for reading.

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