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Hop On – Hop Off: Woolloomooloo Bay & Kings Cross

Woolloomooloo Bay is a harbourside, inner-city eastern suburb of Sydney. The suburb is located in a low-lying, former docklands area at the head of Woolloomooloo Bay, on Sydney Harbour – this suburb has historically been a poorer working class district of Sydney but it has changed only recently with recent gentrification of the inner-city areas of Sydney. The redevelopment of the waterfront, particularly the construction of the housing development on the Finger Wharf has caused major change.

Actor Russell Crowe owns one of the penthouses and probably one or more of those yachts. The yachts are so beautiful and huge – some are like a mini cruise ship.

Once we got off the bus, the area seems very quite and peaceful. There were people jogging along the bay and a few taking their lunch break at nearby café. Taking a scroll along the dock to enjoy the clean air and breeze is relaxing. Next, we have to find a place to chill with a cup of latte.

We walked past the Woolloomooloo Berths № 6, 7, 8 & 9 – a place to visit if you are around that area. The interior is amazing, there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from as well. I think it’s going to be a great place for dinner, overlooking the wharf. If you like, you can also consider staying at the BLUE Hotel – a boutique hotel in the heart of a luxury marina, entertainment and apartment

For lunch, we stopped by Harry’s Café de Wheels, famous for their pies and peas. The entire caravan is fully decorated with pictures of celebrities who have visited – including Mak and my idol, Andrew Zimmern.

After lunch at Woolloomooloo Bay, we went back to the hotel for some rest and visited Kings Cross at night. We went past Kings Cross a couple of times during the day – it seems so quite and boring but when dark falls, the entire street lights up – literally with ultra colourful lightings. There are sex shops, night clubs, strip clubs, pubs and café.

Some of the shops are located at the basement, looks pretty daunting. Some are huge, double storeys, packed with a large variety of toys, costumes and accessories.

Although Kings Cross is Sydney’s red-light district, finding a decent café is not difficult at all.

Another amazing day with incredible weather.

Initially, I was a bit scared of walking around Kings Cross. There were men trying to ask Mak if he wants to go into the strip clubs but thankfully not by force. Once he said “no”, the men walked away nicely. As much as we would like to have a taste of how the strip clubs are in Australia, we would rather have some pizza at a quite café down the road.

Thank you for reading.

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