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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette has finally arrived at local Sephora. Many thanks to Miss Elain-nio for tweeting about it, I went to purchase mine the day after – which was yesterday. Urban Decay hasn’t released any palettes I could die for before and after the NAKED Palette until this one here. Just so you know, I only have the NAKED Palette and this. The moment I saw it online, I was really hoping that Sephora Singapore would bring them in – I want one.

This eyeshadow palette features 15 new shades ranging from neutrals, brights and deep shades – all housed in a sleek gunmetal box. Each pan contains 1.3g of product (same size as the ones in NAKED), made in USA and retails at S$80 (NAKED retails at S$73 with 12 shades).

The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette includes the following shades;-

  • Midnight Rodeo (medium metallic brown w/silver and gold glitter)
  • Midnight 15 (oyster pearl w/silver glitter)
  • Vanilla (shimmery white gold)
  • Flow (soft peach shimmer)
  • Chase (metallic bright bronze)
  • Tainted (pale matte purple with golden shimmer)
  • Junkshow (bright pink w/fuchsia shift)
  • Omen (shimmery metallic bright purple w/blue shift)
  • Evidence (deep metallic blue)
  • Deep End (bright teal shimmer)
  • Deeper (deep shimmery golden brown)
  • M.I.A. (soft shimmery dark brown)
  • Ace (dark gunmetal shimmer)
  • Blackout (darkest, most saturated black)
  • Half Truth (shimmery smoky purple)

The shadow tray can be lifted or removed to reveal a velvet-lined compartment – ideal for keeping jewelry.

Shade descriptions extracted from Urban Decay’s website here.

All swatches below swatched on clean, dry skin without any primer.

Above from left to right: Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow and Chase.

Above from left to right: Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence and Deep End.

Above from left to right: Deeper, M.I.A., Ace, Blackout and Half Truth.


All the shades are vibrant with excellent colour payoff and the texture is silky smooth. With the exception of Midnight Rodeo which feels a little gritty and may be prone to fall-outs when using and Vanilla being the sheerest one of the lot.

Overall, I love this palette although it contains a fair amount of neutrals but we can never get enough of neutrals, can we? Personally, I like all colours in the second row and Half Truth. Which colours do you like? If you would like to get one, grab it before they are gone – it’s a limited edition palette.

This palette is ideal for those who wants to have some fun. With the neutrals and brights, you can create endless amount of looks ranging from natural everyday looks to smoky evening looks. It’s a value-for-money item worth investing because the quality is just top-notch. There were no signs of the 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color, The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler and Lush Lash Mascara while I was at Sephora. I will be checking out the gloss, mascara and eyelash curler once they hit the shelves.

Thank you for reading.

14 thoughts on “Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Did you have to swatch the e/s heavily? The eye shadow swatches look very nice here, much more promising than in other blogs I have read! 🙂

  2. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I did pick up this palette but am yet to use it. The one colour I am in love with is Evidence and I haven’t even swatched it yet. You’re motivating me to use mine ASAP.

    • Fieran,
      Shhhhhh.. I do that too!!
      I like to buy, keep them for a little while (to admire), take photos, finally swatch and use =)
      I love Tainted and Half Truth!!
      Can’t wait to do looks with them – where should I start?

      • Hehehe. I was going to take a photo before using it – hence why it’s still untouched. I’d love to post swatch photos, etc.. but my apartment does not get much sunlight so it’s quite tricky.

        I was hoping you would give me suggestions on which colours to start using 😉 *hint* *hint* I don’t know how to use Tainted but Half Truth is such a beautiful purple would make a great purple smokey look with a little bit of Midnight Rodeo or Chase as the inner corner highlight.

        • Perhaps you can buy a lamp from IKEA or something?
          I hear they are pretty good as they mimics the day light – I think I have to invest in one soon, day time is so limited these days!! Can’t always be home to take photos during the day..
          I will be exploring this palette soon – fingers crossed and I shall see where I can start =)
          Too many variety, too little time..

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