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Visiting Blue Mountains & Jenolan Caves

Our first day tour for this holiday – we have the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves on the list. Sounds like a very adventurous day ahead? But really, it isn’t – just lots of walking and by lots of walking, I meant going up and down over 900 steps at the Jenolan Caves. And to make that 900+ steps more challenging, Nicole and I had our high-heel boots on – great isn’t it? I had absolutely no idea we had to do so much walking for this tour.

The day started off with some light showers. It was too foggy to appreciate the scenery when we arrived at the Blue Mountains and we couldn’t locate where The Three Sisters are either. We tour through the quaint mountain village of Leura and ride the world’s steepest Scenic Railway down to the trail – it is 52° steep if you are wondering and my bag almost fell off. We took the Scenic Cableway back up.

We stopped over at the Jenolan Caves for lunch. We didn’t have an awful lot of choices, fish & chips and a beef burger.

After lunch, we took a walk to the nearby lake with water so crystal clear – we could see the bottom of the lake.

Our cave tour starts at 2pm and we explore the mighty Lucas Cave. The Lucas Cave consists of 910 steps, approximately 860 metres and it took about 90 minutes to complete.

The Lucas Cave is the most visited cave and can hold very large groups. It is home to the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan, the Broken Column and displays a wide range of huge cave formations. If you have time to visit only one cave, the Lucas Cave is one of the most amazing, offering both the highest and widest chambers plus a glimpse of the pure underground river.

The highest chamber is called the Cathedral which is 54 metres high – scene of many weddings and underground concerts. Believe it or not, this chamber has arguably the best acoustics of any performance space in the world.

It was a very tiring day for all of us, we had dinner at one of the restaurants near our hotel and off to bed.

I personally love the Jenolan Cave tour – if you have not been in a cave, you should visit this one. It’s tiring but we made it through even with our high-heel boots so I am sure all of you can too. The formation of the rocks and crystals are spectacular. The cave and its surroundings are very well-kept, I felt very close to nature – the air is clean and fresh. Reminded me of New Zealand.

Got a feeling adventure caving is next on the list.

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