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Visiting Hunter Valley Wineries

The day after our strenuous cave “expedition”, we all could have gone for a full day massage if we were in Thailand but since we are in Sydney – let’s get “drunk” visiting the Hunter Valley Wineries.

Just before I go into the details of this tour, let me tell you a story of a little girl.

Once upon a time, during a 7 hour long flight, a 7 year-old girl was given a glass of wine because apparently, it helps with the sleeping. The little girl looked up at her aunty and drank the glass of wine without hesitating. Then the little girl fell sounding asleep – throughout the 7 hour journey. When the flight landed, the little girl woke up feeling very warm – something is not right ey? And threw up in a flower-pot (in the airport) as soon as she got off the plane.

Horrible experience isn’t it? And the little girl was me. Ever since then, I don’t drink wine, the smell of it makes me feel drunk.

Our first stop was at a small town entering Hunter Valley. This town is famous for Dr. Jurd’s Jungle Juice which I feel tasted horrible. It’s way to strong for me and I couldn’t finish even the small glass given. The scone might look good but tasted awful. Looks can be deceiving surely applies here.

A picture of us looking fresh before the tour started.

Just as I thought the day would be filled with lots of horrible tasting wine and bad food, it all changed as we arrived at the Mount Pleasant Estate. This estate belongs to the McWilliam family. The McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant Estate is nestled in the slopes of the Brokenback Range in the Hunter Valley – widely regarded as the home of Semillon.

We were given a guided tour around the vineyard and the cellar where all the wine are kept in barrels. Each oak wine barrel can cost up to AUD6,000.

Our tour includes a 2 course lunch and 4 wine tasting at the Mount Pleasant Estate – in this case, 2 white and 2 red. We learnt how to differentiate the quality of wine in terms of the clarity, colour, depth, smell and taste.

Next stop was at the Lindeman’s where we were given cheese platter to go along with the wine tasting. We tried at least 5 different wines ranging from white to red to sweet – which I like best. Each of us bought a bottle of Moscato.

By the time we arrived at the third and final winery, we were pretty exhausted. I was admiring the trees and flowers instead of the wine.

I managed to survive the wine tasting – yeah!! I had a little sip at each and every one of the wine provided and after this tour, I must say, I have conquered the fear of wine. I appreciate the time and fine details that goes into the making of each bottle of wine. From planting, picking and selecting the grapes to filling them into the oak barrels. It was a very informative and knowledgeable trip – I have learnt a lot about the art of wine making.

We headed back to the hotel to drop off our bottles of wine. Had Thai food for dinner and went to the Star City Casino to try our luck. Apparently, the person who gets served the last glass of wine from a bottle gets good luck. And I happen to be the one. Call it lucky last? I won AUD400 playing on the roulette table in less than 20 minutes – this amount of money sure went into the shopping fund.

It was a fabulous day – the weather was great and the wine tasting went smooth. I am glad we choose this tour over other options. Do you like wine?

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Visiting Hunter Valley Wineries

  1. I love your food pix! The 2 scones (?) with jam/cream at the top look scrumptious! And the dinner looks fantastic but oddly enough, not really Thai-looking food. What a great holiday you had! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your winning! May your good luck be with you, blessing.

    AuD 400, emm, you could seriously treat yourself with something really extravagant.

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