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YSL Blush Radiance In N°6

The new YSL Blush Radiance released this Fall is part of their Jardin de Minuit Makeup Collection. Each blush contains 4g of product, made in France. These half-matte, half satin blushers capture light and transform it into colour to create a radiant veil for the cheeks. Available in 6 shades.

The blush is housed in the signature YSL gold casing which is prone to fingerprints. It comes with a velvet pouch and a very soft brush, feels luxury swiping it across the face.

I picked up shade N°6.

Pictured above, from left to right, top to bottom: YSL Blush Radiance N°1, N°2, N°3, N°4, N°5 and N°6.

I am very glad I had the opportunity to swatch the shades in person. The ones I set my eyes on were either too light on my skin tone. From my memory and impression;-

  • N°1 is a mid-tone neutral brown which can be doubled up as a contouring shade
  • N°2 is a light peach with a golden undertone which is too light on my skin tone – merely visible
  • N°3 is a soft lilac with a blue-pink undertone – quite a unique shade for a blush
  • N°4 is a pale baby pink which is too light on my skin tone – kind of like a highlighter
  • N°5 is a deep burgundy brown-red, almost like a red wine
  • N°6 is a soft rose with a pop of pink which brightens up my skin tone

All the colours are very well pigmented and look distinctively different from one another.

Texture of the  YSL Blush Radiance is smooth and silky with a satin finish. Because it doesn’t contains sparkles or much shine, it doesn’t enlarge pores around the cheek area. The finish is slightly more interesting than a matte blush – very natural and sophisticated. I would love to pick up N°3 and N°5 next when they are made available at DFS.

Did you pick up any of the Blush Radiance? If so, which colour did you pick? Are you liking it?

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “YSL Blush Radiance In N°6

  1. Joey, I’ve been reading about your Aussie adventures, I’m glad you had a great time. The YSL blush is gorgeous! I love YSL they always come out with very pretty products. This is definitely something I will have to go see for myself.

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      Thank you for following me on my Australia “adventures” =)
      Yes, I think you will find something you like from the 6, it’s beautiful – I love the sheen!!

  2. This blushes are new and permanent here in the US. I bought #3 lavender, #4 light baby pink and #6 rose. At first I planned on using #4 as a highlighter but I found that if I layered on more than I usually would, it does yield a pretty and soft natural color. #4 rose is gorgeous and if I could only have one, this would be it. I haven’t yet played with the lavender shade but had to get it to experiment with. Ages ago, Dior made a lavender blush that I loved so that intrieged me to purchase this one. Lovely products as always, from YSL.

    • Hi Genevieve,
      Thank you for commenting!!
      Initially I set my eyes on #4 but I think its too light on me, not much colour showed up so I got #6 – same as you, I picked it cos I can only get one =)
      Can’t wait to hear what you think of #3 because its such an interesting shade to me!!

  3. Hi Joey,

    Thanks for another great review. I have the Blush Radiance in N6 (pink blush) and I love, love, love it bec it’s pigmented, silky, last 8 hours on me and not glittery at all, yay! The only issue that I have with this blush is the size. It seems smaller than my other HE blushes. Keep up the good work and stay pretty! 🙂

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