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Highlights Of Sydney & Thank You

The four of us were approximately 6289km away from home and we add up to 108 years old – all of us borned in the year of rat. Can you imagine how noisy we were throughout the trip? Nah, in fact we were quite well-behaved. We managed to sleep onboard our flight to Sydney which really helped.

Travelling is a big part of me, I like to explore places, exchange cultures – see and learn new things, try new food. I absolutely love the weather in Sydney, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sun without sweating.

Planning this trip wasn’t exactly the easiest – because it consists of more people. To me, any trip more than 2 persons is a big group and needs a lot of corresponding. From the selection of travel dates to planning day tours, booking tickets and checking-in online. And picking the kind of food for dinner. We went through so many different sets of dates before we settled and confirmed the trip.

It’s a blessing to be travelling with my two close friends and the boyfriend.

During day 2 of our trip, on 21 August Sunday to be exact, we had curry at Mamak. The craving for hot and spicy food kicked in, especially when it gets cooler in the night. We had some chicken curry, mutton curry and teh tarik. Felt like home for a second.

This trip was amazing and many thanks to my dear friends for making this trip possible. And of course, a big thank you to the boyfriend for helping me with my shopping bags. This trip wouldn’t have been complete if any one of them weren’t beside me.

I would also like to thank everyone who have been reading this series of Sydney posts – I hope all the information will aid you planning your own trip in the future and that you like the photographs I have taken for you.

Thank you for reading, till the next travelogue.

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