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Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour Singapore

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I would describe Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour in Singapore as, beyond fantastic. This is my first time watching Jacky and his voice is a phenomenon.

The concert started with a music video featuring Shu Qi. The music video translates what Jacky thinks about “love” – his perception of “love”. From choosing the right person to spend rest of the life with to getting married to having arguments to getting back together. I think this story relates to a lot of us who are in a relationship or to those who are married.

Jacky is humourous and speaks fluent mandarin. He did the splits during one of the performances – I absolutely salute that!! And he danced. He mentioned that “we not only can hear him sing but can also see him dance”. Now, that’s a bonus.

Jacky Cheung’s concert is worth every single penny. His voice can make me happy and make me cry. It’s incredible. Thank you to my sister for this pair of tickets. I took lots of photos with the different stage effects. View the slide show I have for you above and hope you like them.

For those who likes Jazz, you would be glad to know that Jacky is moving towards that direction.

Thank you for reading.

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