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Laneíge’s Newly Revitalized Water Bank Series


Heralding from Korea, one of the undisputable beauty capitals in Asia, Laneíge is ushering good news for women who desire Song Hye Kyo’s crystal-like, dewy skin. Dry, fatigued skin can now be luxuriated with the improved Laneíge’s Water Bank Series, specially formulated with the addition of “Designer Water” and other natural ingredients to pamper from within.


The designer water is unique to the Water Pump System, a hydration technology that forms the core of the new Water Bank Series. Containing a golden ration of skin-friendly minerals, the content found in the designer water is delicately distilled and balanced to achieve optimal efficacy. Not only does it increase the rate of skin regeneration, the designer water also fortifies damaged skin cells, restoring them to a plump, healthy condition.

Complementing Laneíge’s designer water within the Water Pump System are the Hydro Holder and the Hydro Activator. The Hydro Holder consists of essential amino acids which strengthen skin cell’s capability to absorb and withhold moisture. Glasswort extracts, the highlight of the Hydra Activator, renew and support Aquaporin 8, a water channel protein, enabling moisture to be effectively and evenly siphoned to each and every skin cell.


Drawing from the basic concepts of hydraulic power, effectual absorption and distribution harnessed in the Water Pump System keep skin sufficiently hydrated. This seamless composition of the Designer Water, Hydra Holder and Hydro Activator in the revitalized Water Bank Series ensures non-stop moisturization from the initial 12 hours to 24 hours.

The revitalised Water Bank Series from Laneíge comprises of the following products and two current award-winning products, the Water Bank Hydro Gel and Water Bank Eye Gel, which fully complete the series.

WATER BANK ESSENCE Retails at S$65 for 60ml
Long-lasting moisture essence with Water Pump System to promote moisture circulation, leaving skin moisturized and smooth for all skin types.

WATER BANK GEL CREAM Retails at S$52 for 50ml
Tailored for normal to oily skin types, Water Bank Gel Cream is a gel type cream that has a non-sticky, refreshing texture. Moisture is supplied to the skin upon application. Skin is soothed and smoothed.

WATER BANK MOISTURE CREAM Retails at S$52 for 50ml
Made for normal to dry skin types, Water Bank Moisture Cream provides a strong hydrating effect and a soft texture which leaves skin soft and supple to the touch.

WATER BANK INTENSIVE CREAM Retails at S$52 for 50ml
A concentrated essential cream which restores damaged skin due to extreme dryness. Water Bank Intensive Cream is suitable for women with dry or very dry skin types.

WATER BANK DOUBLE MOISTURE MASK Retails at S$55 for 8 sheets
A double layered moisturizing mask for intensive care over “moisture blind-spots”, this mask provides intense hydration for all skin types.


The entire range of Water Bank Series is available for sale at all Laneíge counters islandwide.

Many thanks to Joyce and Laneíge, I received a set of Essential Care Trial Set to try – as keeping my skin well hydrated is one of my main concerns, the trial set consisting of a Multi Cleanser, Power Essential Skin Refiner, Balancing Emulsion, Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Moisture Cream and Water Sleeping Pack is extremely useful – especially after my trip to Sydney.

Looking forward to reviewing the products mentioned above by end of the month.

All information extracted from press release provided.

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