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Burberry Lip Cover In No.11 Antique Rose

The texture and coverage of Burberry Lip Cover impressed me when the BA tried it on Jessie. Jessie also picked up a Burberry Lip Cover in No.11 Antique Rose, check out her thoughts about this product here. From past experiences, I think I tend to pick up neutral shades when it comes to more exquisite brands, probably because I will wear them more often. Do you do the same too?

The Burberry Lip Cover comes in a magnetic closure casing with the classic Burberry pattern etched on the cover, just like most of their other products. Although it might look heavy, it’s not. The magnetic closure reminds me to the Giorgio Armani Rouge d’ARMANI Lipsticks. Very simple, classy yet functional. The lipstick bullet itself also have the classic Burberry pattern moulded onto it – isn’t it beautiful?

I would describe No.11 Antique Rose as a soft dusty pink with no shimmer – almost matte looking but with a silky, satin finish.

Some swatches for you below, top picture taken without flash and bottom picture taken with flash.

The texture of Burberry Lip Cover is extremely soft, creamy and smooth – very similar to Dior Sérum de Rouge but not as soft and more opaque. It glides onto my lips like Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, a very glossy touch but without the shine. Coverage wise, I would say it’s close to Laura Mercier Créme Lip Colour.

 Burberry Lip Cover in No.11 Antique Rose is not the most unique colour but I like this sort of colours because it brightens up my skin tone. With colours like No.11 Antique Rose, I don’t have to pile on heavy eye makeup at all.

Next question would be, how long does it last on the lips? For me, not many lipsticks last throughout the day – 2 hours maximum unless I use a lip stain or something similar. Having a lipstick that comes in such a chic packaging, I really don’t mind re-applying every hour, do you?

I usually apply my lipsticks with a lip brush for more precision, I will blot my lips and re-apply one more thin layer and blend out the edges with my finger. I feel that this application method helps to pro-long the wear and its natural.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Burberry Lip Cover In No.11 Antique Rose

  1. I have the Burberry Lip Mist in Brown Sugar and I love it but it’s too pretty to use all the time 🙂 I think the Lip Mist is a bit more sheer than the Lip Cover. Interestingly, despite the gorgeous packaging, the lipstick weighs nothing. Unlike Guerlain Rouge G 😉

    • Hi Fieran,
      I tried the texture of Lip Mist, I like it but I heard from other beauty bloggers in Singapore that Lip Mist’s formula is too soft to take Singapore’s heat – melting problem.
      Totally agree with you on the lightness of the packaging, I actually dislike Gueralin Rouge G’s packaging – a fingerprint magnet =(

  2. Lip Cover feels weightless, yet creamy & opaque enough to be used as a proper lipstick. Try stacking them together, the magnetic casts are pretty fun to play with.

    Lip Mist is sheer & minimally glossy yet feels refreshing & hydrating upon application. I like Lip Mist. Yes, I am not sure whether it will survive the heat in Tropical countries. Even the soft lipstick remains intact, you may only get up to an hour wear of it.

  3. Wow Antique Rose is very pretty! Burberry Beauty makes such wearable lip colours. For Lip Mists so long as you don’t put it near direct heat, it is not a problem. I have taken my Lip Mist out and have yet to have a melting problem. Strange thing is it does not glide as smoothly as the Lip Covers but I tsill like them alot because they allow your natural lip colour to peek through.

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