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Anna Sui Perfect Mascara In 001 Rich Black


The perfect mascara creates an optical illusion of larger wider eyes by lengthening the lashes in the centre and widening the shorter lashes at the sides of the eye.

Anna Sui

This Fall, Anna Sui introduced a new mascara called the Perfect Mascara and it comes in 1 shade, Rich Black. It retails at S$41, find out what other products Anna Sui brought in here.

The Perfect Mascara features Fast Dry Powder, a quick powder with volumizing properties prevent clumps while separating lashes and adding volume. It also features the Curl Keep Polymer, which is highly water-resistant and together with the Triple Solid Oil, forms a solid, waterproof film that will hold your amazing curl throughout the day. It is sebum resistant and smudge-free.

The brush is tapered at both ends which helps in catching each and every lash from the inner to outer corners of the eye. The thicker part of the brush deposits more mascara on the center lashes making eyes appear larger and more wide-eyed.

I wear false eyelashes 80% of the time because my lashes are short and sparse. I figured I might not be the ideal candidate for this test so when Nina visited last weekend, I got her to try the Perfect Mascara. It made my life much easier too as I can capture better pictures to show you how this product works.

Nina’s own eyelashes are relatively long and she wears mascara most of the time – perfect for this little experiment. She mentioned her current and other mascaras she have tried didn’t manage to hold the curl in place throughout the day, feels heavy and clumpy.

I started by curling her lashes with the Anna Sui Eyelash Curler and applied a thin coat of the Perfect Mascara on her lashes. I waited for a couple of seconds and applied another thin layer over. As you can probably tell from the before and after pictures above, it added a little volume and length to Nina’s lashes instantly. And because this mascara contains a high concentration of black pigment in the powder, lashes glow with a dark richness and glossiness.

This experiment started at 11am and ended close to 10pm, Nina was out shopping and eating, she even visited the beach. When she was home, she told me;-

The mascara didn’t smudge, it feels really natural having it on and it held up with the curling really well. 

Nina also mentioned that the mascara can be removed with warm water in the shower. Did I mention that the Perfect Mascara smells really good? It bares the signature rose scent in most Anna Sui products. I am so happy this mascara worked well on Nina and that she enjoys wearing it.

The consistency of this mascara leans slightly wet as compared to others I have come across. It applies very smoothly onto the lashes, coating each and every lash naturally. The slim brush allows a more precise application, reaches out to the inner corners and lower lashes at ease – generally, I find slimmer mascara brushes easier to work with. And isn’t the packaging lovely? Even with a bulkier handle, it didn’t hinder the application process at all.

Find out what Iris from Rouge Deluxe, Kasthuri from Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle and Sophia from The Makeup Blogette thinks about the Perfect Mascara too by clicking on the links provided.

Many thanks to Nina for helping me with this review.

12 thoughts on “Anna Sui Perfect Mascara In 001 Rich Black

  1. Hi !
    I love this mascara a lot, but I can’t find it in my country (I bought it in Japan last summer. I live in France). Do you know some mascaras which do the same job ? (especially the long-lasting effect) :/

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for popping by and commenting =)
      I am sorry, I have not tried any mascara that has a similar effect..
      Perhaps Chanel Inimitable Extreme Mascara or Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara might work!!

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