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H&M Made Their Way To Singapore

I am sure you have read all about the overnight queue for Singapore’s first H&M store opening earlier this month. We shall not debate what’s the fuss about H&M today but instead, let’s welcome H&M and I would love to share my little shopping experience with you.

H&M brought me back to my university days while I was in the UK, it’s the cheaper alternative to get fashionable clothings for students like me. Today, my thoughts remained the same. H&M still provides trendy clothings at an affordable price range – to me at least because I change my wardrobe frequently.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read my tweet about visiting H&M with Mak, we spent close to S$800 together. Yes, how did we managed that? I don’t know but I reckon it’s pretty good deal for 32 items.

We purchased mainly the Jersey Tops at S$7.90 each and I got a couple of Blazers ranging from S$39.90 to S$79.90 – I love their blazers. I am a size S for most basics and I can fit into either size 34 or 36 for blazers, size 36 or 38 for pants. I also picked up coloured belts at S$7.90 each and scarfs ranging from S$14.90 to S$17.90.

All the clothes are in the laundry and I shall post some outfits in time to come, when they have been ironed.

There is no Q to enter H&M anymore, I went during a weekday but the Q for fitting rooms is still pretty long – an average wait of approximately 20 minutes and the Q for paying is about 20 minutes too. H&M do offer a refund or exchange policy on clothings within 30 days of purchase, except socks, earrings and cosmetic products. Read more about their return policy here.

Because the Q is so long and their clothings come in various size formats, I recommend checking out their size chart so you know which to pick as you enter the store. Most of their SA are very friendly and helpful despite the crowd and chaos which is awesome. I also recommend checking your items very carefully for any defects – this will save the trouble of bringing them back for an exchange.

The 3 storey H&M Flagship Store is located at 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building, Singapore. Visit H&M Singapore website for more information and prices – a pretty comprehensive site to browse through.

8 thoughts on “H&M Made Their Way To Singapore

  1. I was so turned off by the length of the queue and would probably not head there until the big hu-ha over H&M subsides… what’s the dilly with these youngsters -.- Anyhow, S$800 for 32 items is a good spend 😉

  2. I occasionally “indulge” in H&M for quick fashion fix; They have great basics like jerseys. Now, I really need to see how you manage to spent SGD800 in H&M!

  3. hahaha u know how i retweeted ur tweet abt spendin $800 n i retweeted n replied to u abt it n everyone was like “omg ur fren spent $800 at h&m??”
    hahahah :p

  4. H&M HK is always crowded in all outlets, some seasons lots worse but I always manageto bag a whole lot. Hv not been to the store here tho.But $800? That must be truckloads you carted back. Cannot wait to see your pics.

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