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Nails In Recherché

Recherché is a purplish dark brown prune, an exotic accent that grounds oversize prints better than an expected summer pink or coral released as part of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Iconic/Ironic Collection for Spring 2011 (click here for more information and swatches). I thought this shade is perfect for the season now too.

The texture is smooth and easy to apply. I had Nail Tek Foundation III Base Coat, 2 layers of nail polish and Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat on for this set of swatches. I went for a manicure last week and tried shaping them round, makes my fingers look longer and slimmer tho but I think I prefer square nails.

Do you prefer round nails or square nails?

4 thoughts on “Nails In Recherché

  1. Your nails are perfectly filed round. BTW I love them square, Only the broken ones are round but soonest it grow out, I square them. This shade is so pretty on you. I hv a bottle of this but it looks so purple in the bottle. I hv yet to try it on tho but I will soon.

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