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My First SUQQU Products

Many thanks to Iris from Rouge Deluxe for helping me purchase my first SUQQU products from the UK. As SUQQU is only available in the UK, Thailand and Japan, it’s quite difficult for me to purchase any myself although I would love to be able to check them out personally.

Based on what’s available online and my gut instincts, I picked up Blend Color Eyeshadow in 04 Keshizumi, Balancing Cheeks in 02 Mukuge and Eyebrow Liquid Pen R in 02 Brown which Lisa Eldridge often uses in her videos.

I have been keeping them untouched for a while, just to admire them longer and last week, I have decided to start playing with them. More about the SUQQU products in a week or so. Have you tried anything from SUQQU before? I am looking forward to exploring their line, it would be great if you can help me along with some suggestions.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


4 thoughts on “My First SUQQU Products

  1. I just got their powder brush, blush brush and an eye shadow brush. All are incredibly soft and delicious on my very sensitive skin. I must tell you about brushes from Hakuhodo which are available on their website and are in California. Also super high quality and unbelievable soft and beautiful. I have 5 of their brushes. I am tempted by the Suquu blush that is a soft pink. I will wait to see how you like your soft coral one before I make my move.

    • Thank you Mimi, I have heard all the good things about SUQQU and Hakuhodo brushes – longing to try, will soon get them =)
      You got to try SUQQU blush, it’s amazingly smooth and soft, literally like a veil over the skin, so natural!!

  2. I have the Balancing Cheeks in 03 Hinageshi, and I love it! I can safely say that the finish of the blush is the best among all my blushers, and I do have a collection of 50 blushers (or more, I’m in denial…). For that price, I can see why the blush looks so natural on me; it makes the cost of it much more palatable hahaha! And although the colours are natural and soft, it still is pigmented, so it shows up very well on my cheeks!

    I’ve heard many good things about their foundation, but I wasn’t too ready to spend a bomb on a foundation, so I skipped! But if you are looking for a good foundation, their liquid and cream ones are not bad I heard.

    Also, they are quite well known for their creamy lipsticks as well. The lipstick texture is heavenly, soft and creamy but pigmented as well, never a drag. Pity the colour I want was OOS at UK Selfridges! I got my friend to help pick up items so I couldn’t see for myself what other colours I might pick out as an alternative. 😦

    The star product is the massage cream/gel though; it’s the one with their special massage technique involved! But I personally think it’s much too time-consuming. The Japanese are much more patient in their skincare routine than the average Singaporean, I must admit!

    The upcoming X’mas set with the eyeshadow palette looks very good too, pity won’t be able to get it unless we’re in Japan/ UK/ Bangkok! Online sites are way over-priced! =\

    • Hi Yuan De,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about SUQQU products.
      I agree with everything you said.
      I want to try their foundation and lipsticks but it’s really difficult to guide via online sources and yes, online sites are so over priced!!

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