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SUQQU Balancing Cheeks In 02 Mukuge

Remember the shopping entry I posted a few days ago about my first SUQQU products? I have the Balancing Cheeks in 02 Mukuge for you today.

It’s a compact consisting of a natural cheek colour and a highlighter with red-gold micro particles, meant to create depth and a natural, glowing complexion. The Balancing Cheeks comes in a sleek, polished black casing with the brand’s name engraved in the middle. The compact is slim and light, I really like the packaging. The Balancing Cheeks contains 5g of product and is made in Japan.

Balancing Cheeks in 02 Mukuge consists of a neutral beige highlighter, almost like pale seashell with very subtle shimmer and an almost matte tea rose blush. A set of ultra wearable shades for all sorts of occasions.

The texture is amazing, period. Probably the finest and smoothest powder blush I have ever came across to date. The powder is pressed very tightly together in the pan, whether I use my fingers or a brush to swipe across, it doesn’t stir up a storm. It doesn’t feel creamy (think along Urban Decay eyeshadows) nor powdery (like Inglot matte eyeshadows) – it’s very neatly pressed and even after several uses, the compact still looks pretty new.

As you can probably see from the swatches above, the blush has a very natural and satin finish to it. The highlighter has just enough sheen to accentuate features without enlarging pores and the blush blends into the skin naturally and flawlessly.

It’s an amazing product – very flattering and natural, it does its job so well and I am loving every bit of it. It’s a product worth checking out.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “SUQQU Balancing Cheeks In 02 Mukuge

  1. SUQQU blushers are amazing, almost impossible to overdo with these sheer, soft, satiny blushers; the best thing is actually the highlighter that comes with it, perfect for highlighting, sculpting & accentuating ( I use this over the outer C of my orbital bones ).

    Expensive, but worth it, IMO. The only complaint is of course SUQQU is very limitedly distributed. I guess that give you an excuse to fly to Bangkok to get it.

    • My sister will be going Bangkok in December, wondering if I should get her to buy me some SUQQU =)
      But due to the price, I really prefer seeing and swatching them personally before making the decision..
      Having said that, I think it’s impossible to go wrong with SUQQU so.. ..

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