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Breast Health & Early Detection Save Lives

Together. Connect. Communicate. Conquer. For A Future Free of Breast Cancer

Knowledge is power and the purpose of the Estée Lauder Companies’ BCA Campaign is to reduce fear in the minds of women all over the world through increased awareness about the importance of breast health and early detection. The more a woman knows about her body, the more she knows about her health, the more proactive she is, the more in control she is, the less frightened she is. If you reduce fear, women are far better able to cope with any kind of diagnosis. They take control.

Today, each and every survivor inspires Evelyn Lauder to get out there and do more. Everywhere she travels, she meets people who are aware of breast cancer and because of receiving a Pink Ribbon or because of something someone at an Estée Lauder Companies’ brand counter said to them or they saw an illumination and decided to get a mammogram.

Evelyn Lauder also gets inspired and energized when she meet her customers around the world and see firsthand what they are doing to save lives. The actions on the part of so many people inspire all of us to keep fighting. There’s an old saying Evelyn Lauder truly believes, “If you save the life of one person, you save the entire world.”

Breast Self Examination (BSE) should be done once a month by women 20 years and older. The best time to do BSE is 7-10 days after the start of menses, when the breasts are least tender. If you no longer menstruate, do BSE on a fixed date every month, for example the first day of each month.

We can perform BSE at the comfort of our own homes. Look for changes in front of the mirror by putting your hands on hips and chest muscles tensed. Feel for changes either by lying down or in the shower. The purpose of BSE is to enable you to become familiar with the normal feel of your breast tissue so that you can recognise any abnormal changes.

While doing BSE, look out for;-

  • a lump that persists
  • a change in the size or shape of one breast
  • a dimpling or puckering of the skin (like orange peel)
  • a retraction (pulling in) of the nipple
  • a discharge (clear or bloody) from the nipple

If any of these changes are felt or seen, you should consult a doctor immediately but please do not panic. Most breast changes are not breast cancer but all should be checked by a doctor. More useful information about BSE can be found on the Breast Cancer Foundation website here.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be shy, spread the knowledge and awareness with all your loved ones.

Thank you for reading.

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