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Chanel Le Vernis In 08 Pirate, 521 Rose Caché & Top Coat Velvet


To echo the makeup result of ROUGE ALLURE VELVET (introductory post here), CHANEL pairs its 3 new nail colour shades with TOP COAT VELVET to dress them in a resolutely modern matte finish.

The 3 new shades are 08 Pirate, 519 Rose Exubérant and 521 Rose Caché. I picked up 08 Pirate and 521 Rose Caché. In this post, I have included swatches of both colours with the Top Coat Velvet. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

This collection is available at all Chanel counters island wide. Le Vernis retails at S$36 each and the new and limited edition Top Coat Velvet retails at S$32 each.

521 Rose Caché is an almost muted, dusty rose petal shade with golden-pink micro-shimmers which can barely be seen after application of the 2nd coat. Like most Chanel nail polishes, this shade swatches very smoothly and doesn’t streak. It’s creamy and light – decent coverage in 2 coats but if you are after something more opaque, I would suggest 3 coats.

521 Rose Caché with a layer of Top Coat Velvet.

08 Pirate is a bright, fierce cerise. The first coat leans almost like a hot pink but once layered with a 2nd coat, it gets hot. The texture is smooth and very easy to apply. Like 521 Rose Caché, decent coverage in 2 coats but if you are after something more opaque, I would suggest 3 coats. I didn’t spot any shimmers in this shade.

08 Pirate with a layer of Top Coat Velvet, exactly what the model is wearing in the promotional pictures.

Overall, I am in love the Top Coat Velvet. I suggest taking a peek if you happen to pop by a Chanel counter. The mat top coat applies colourless although it has a slightly white tint to it. Texture is easy to apply and dries quickly – the finishing is phenomenon although it’s not something new in the market. I have only purchased them yesterday, I haven’t tested out the longevity of the top coat but it looks amazing, period.

08 Pirate and 521 Rose Caché are very pretty but not entirely unique in such a way that you need to spend on them. I reckon you can find substitutes for them, however, I have not found one in my collection. Let me know if a comparison post would be helpful.

I purchased 4 Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks too. More about them in another post. A little sneak peak on what I bought and swatches of all the 8 Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks for you.

Have you checked out this collection yet?

Thank you for reading.

All swatches swatched with Essie First Base Base Coat and 2 coats of nail polishes without top coat unless otherwise stated.

18 thoughts on “Chanel Le Vernis In 08 Pirate, 521 Rose Caché & Top Coat Velvet

  1. This matte topcoat is so much nicer than any of the matte topcoats I’ve seen by other established nail brands! Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your nails look great in Top Coat Velvet. I love matte nails. Also thanks for swatching Rouge Allure Velvet. I have 31,32,34,38 in mind ( OMG, it’s freaky, these are the ones you’ve bought )

  3. I have Chanel Le Vernis Rose Caché too, and absolutely loving this color! The muted, nude rose petal is so perfect for everyday wear. Love how it makes my hands look very clean and groomed.

  4. Hi Joey! Bit late to the party, I am, but where can I get all of these in Singapore?? So so SO gorgeous and perfect.

    • Hi Sabriele,
      I am not sure if the Top Coat Velvet is still available..
      Quite sure the lipsticks are as they are permanent..
      You may want to check at the Chanel counters =)

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