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The Joy Of Shopping, Eating & Makeup Talkings

Couldn’t have spent a better Friday than with Sarah, Sophia and Kasthuri. We don’t meet up very often so having a get together meant something to me.

We had dinner at Marché, 313 and the rosti was mine. Somehow, I think rosti at 313 doesn’t taste as good as the one at Vivo – anyone noticed the difference too? I had another dose of rosti the following week, just to satisfy my cravings – the one at 313 tastes a little sweet.

Ice cream is perfect for the crazily hot weather recently.

It was a very fun night with the ladies. I enjoyed all the little makeup talks along the way and a little shopping. Sometimes it’s so wonderful to have friends who know what colours I like and what I don’t, to give opinion and suggestions about what should go along with that eyeshadow.

It’s awesome and I can’t wait to meet again soon. Thanks for the amazing night.

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