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The Illumination Of Singapore Flyer

The first of October marks a very significant day in my life, I attended the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign which took place at the Singapore Flyer. This year the Estée Lauder Companies will be giving the Singapore Flyer a pink makeover. Find out more about past illuminations here.

At the illumination ceremony, themed “TOGETHER. Connect. Communicate. Conquer. For A Future Free of Breast Cancer“, Ms Grace Ban, managing director of Estée Lauder Singapore presented a cheque of S$32,500 to the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to sponsor 500 needy women, aged 40 and above, for free mammograms. The program will be conducted jointly with National Health Group Diagnostics (NHGD) under a national subsidy programme “Breast Screen Singapore”. Through this effort ELC hopes to educate them about breast cancer and the importance of early detection to increase the chance of recovery.

We also had Mrs. Mary Tan pledged to show her support.

The Singapore Flyer in pink.

Dr. Esther Chuwa (General Surgeon of Breast Surgery, Consultant) gave a presentation on Breast Health and Breast Self Examination in a pink decorated capsule. Her presentation was very helpful and informative. She is also very friendly and willing to share.

Me, together with Sara and Kasthuri.

It was honorable to be one of Estée Lauder Companies BCA Ambassadors this year. To be able to learn more about what Estée Lauder Companies have done in the past in conjunction with Breast Cancer Foundation and the importance of Breast Self Examination. Most of all, to be able to share my knowledge on this blog to encourage, support and help those who have been through or those who are combating against breast cancer.

My family and I lost someone very close to us 15 years ago to breast cancer. She was a daughter, a sister, a wife and our most beloved mother.

To be able to contribute as little as writing on this blog meant a lot to me. Today, technology and medicine have advanced tremendously and breast cancer can be cured. Early detection can save lives, making treatment less complicating. For your loved ones, for yourself and people who cares about you, take the step forward – don’t be afraid, don’t be shy as together, we are stronger. KKH has come up with a web page loaded with information about Breasts – visit Breast Talk @ KKH for more details.

Find out more about the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign here, Breast Health and Breast Self Examination here, Pink Ribbons Products available for sale this month here, the Illumination hereand the Calendar of Events here.

Thank you for reading.

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