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Minx Nails In Day Break By Lisa Logan

Many thanks to Vedure Nail Spa, I was able to get my Minx fix once again. I did my first set of Minx last year and it was in Flowers & Minxlusion (view post here). My second set was for my birthday earlier this year, in Minxlusion With A Twist (view post here). If you are wondering about the last power of Minx, pros and cons and the process, I have listed them here.

This time, I chose something different – Day Break by Lisa Logan. Its gorgeous, so many people asked about my nails once I stepped out of the salon.

Vedure Nail Spa is located at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road and this is the view from where I got my nails done. You can also find them at Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons.

There are plenty of designs available. From something subtle and plain to something over-the-top and lavish. Because its Minx and because it’s slightly more pricey, I always like to pick designs which are impossible to replicate by hand or a set with colours that no nail polishes can achieve.

A few snap shots of the designs available.

Two more pictures of how Day Break by Lisa Logan look like in day light.

I have never changed my thoughts about getting Minx done. Whether I am invited to get Minxed or not, I still think its worth it because I love the attention.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Minx Nails In Day Break By Lisa Logan

  1. Hey sis.. it is really nice~

    Love how it glitters in the light and the sliver elegant feels it gives in the dark as well~ =)

    awesome choice~ ❤

    • Hi Kris,
      Nope, just Minx (the sticker) alone.
      No gel or top coat, only some glue to seal the tips, that’s all.
      If I remember correctly, it’s S$80 for fingers excluding manicure..

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