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NARS Single Eyeshadow In Outremer

NARS Single Eyeshadow in Outremer was released as part of their collection for Fall 2011. NARS described this shade as a “bright true blue”, Temptalia has better pictures here, reflecting the brightness of Outremer.

Outremer seems to be the center piece for this collection and the model is rocking this fierce blue in the promotional picture. How can I say “no” and skip this shade? After seeing Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog dawn on a stunning look with Outremer here, I know I must have it. Karen also did a step-by-step guide to achieving her beautiful eye makeup here. She made it look so simple and Outremer looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

According to Temptalia’s review, Outremer looks very similar to Inglot #388. I happen to have both so I did a little comparison together with other blue eyeshadows I have.

All swatches swatched with fingers on dry skin, without primer.

Although Outremer looks like an electric blue in the pan, it really isn’t that bright when swatched. Inglot #388 came pretty close despite its dull appearance. Texture wise, Outremer is patchy and more difficult to work with – probably one of the dryest matte eyeshadows I have.

If you have already bought it, I suggest applying a layer of primer or a creamier base prior to applying Outremer. Try to avoid swapping the eyeshadow on, instead, pat it on gently to achieve a decent, even layer of colour and opacity. I would say Inglot #388 is a great alternative to Outremer – in terms of colour payoff, texture and price point. For those who wants a slightly toned down version of Outremer, you can consider Inglot #336 as it’s a shade or two lighter and less bright.

Let’s side track a little, Inglot #321 is very comparable to NARS China Blue as you can see from the swatches.

Overall, I think Inglot matte eyeshadows in #388 and #321 totally beat NARS Outremer and China Blue hands down. Unless you are a fan of NARS, there is no reasons not to try Inglot’s – they are so much easier to apply and blend. The texture is ever so slightly creamy and soft to touch. I am very impressed with Inglot matte eyeshadows and I think it’s value for money.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “NARS Single Eyeshadow In Outremer

    • You are welcome Jamilla =)
      I don’t wear a lot of blue eyeshadows either, that probably explains my limited comparisons..
      Deep, dark blues are gorgeous and I think it will look great on you!!

  1. Yeah.. the texture is a bit off, but I still love the colour. I used it with a paint pot as a base and it clung pretty well. There was slight fading after 6 hours or so. I think I will probably stick to NARS’s shimmery shadows though as those are less finicky when it comes to blending/lasting power.

    Thanks for putting in so much effort with the comparison swatches. It’s very helpful 🙂

    • Hi Fieran,
      You are welcome and thank you for supporting this blog =)
      Yes right? NARS Shimmering e/s are so beautiful in terms of texture and colour payoff..
      If it was a blind test, I wouldn’t believe Outremer swatched like how it did!!

      • You’re more than welcome for the support for your blog. It’s a really nice blog. I wish I could take swatch photos half as well as you do. I live in an apartment with very little natural light and I feel like I’m cheating people if I post photographs of swatches with flash or additional light all the time :/ Hence, the lack of swatches.

        Yes, the swatch was not very good. But a lot of people say that it’s quite similar to Daphne – need a bit of work but will look good. I haven’t given up on it yet. I plan to play around with it more and see what I can do with it. I recently got Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick in Sapphire..it’s a beautiful blue. I’m hoping to use that as a base for Outremer and see how it fares. Even if you use Outremer as a lower lash line highlight, on top of sticky black pencil liner, you’ll have a ‘use’ for it. Might help with the disappointment 🙂

  2. I stick my hand out of my window to take pictures too! For my case I live on the fourth floor so I wonder what do the drivers who drive past think of this crazy lady. Outremer looks so good in the pan but the swatches seem less than stellar. I like the Inglot version better.

    • Outremer looks absolutely amazing in the pan but really, really disappointing when swatched.
      Sometimes I wonder if my neighbours can see what I am doing out the window – might be quite embarrassing!!

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