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The Dior Backstage Makeup Workshop

A quick update on a Dior workshop I attended.

Dior held a workshop a few weeks ago featuring backstage looks from the Dior runway, participants get to experience high fashion and couture look from Dior. The workshop was held at TANGS Beauty School, Level 4 and cost S$80 per person, S$50 for Very Dior members – fully redeemable on Dior products.

As it was the first workshop, all the makeup products were brand new. They provided clean brushes too – very impressed with the layout and setting of the workshop. Light refreshments were being served prior to the workshop.

The BA started by explaining the differences between Haute Couture looks and Ready-to-Wear looks. Followed by introducing Dior skincare products. She also introduced Dior’s newest primer and foundation (DIORSKIN Radiance Base and DIORSKIN Forever) during the workshop. The BA was very attentive, informative and her definitions were very clear. There were 2 other BAs helping along as well.

The finished look on the model – a clean base with smoky blue eyes paired with nude lips.

I think the workshop is particularly helpful for beginners, those who have just started using makeup. All the 10 of us were very well taken care of – the BAs took their time to explain every step. It’s a hands-on workshop where they teach you how to put on skincare products and achieve a smoky eye look.

If you are interested in purchasing Dior skincare or makeup products, I reckon attending workshops like this will help you make your decision on what is suitable for you and what you need.

I picked up DIORSKIN Radiance Base and DIORSKIN Forever after the workshop – shall review them soon.

Thank you for reading.

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