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Lunasol Nail Finish In EX 33 Shiny Gold & EX 35 Deep Black Red

The Lunasol Nail Finish contains 10ml of product, made in Japan and retails at S$23.50 each. I find the price rather reasonable and affordable. I thought each bottle would cost something like S$30 plus.

This is my first time trying nail polishes from Lunasol. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I have not searched for reviews online – I went to the counter mainly to check out their new eyeshadows, didn’t think I will pick up any nail products. These two colours from Lunasol Makeup Collection For Fall 2011 stood out from the crowd and caught my attention, in fact, they were the first things I looked at.

This Fall, Lunasol released three limited edition nail colours created for “Light and Shadow Purification“. And they are described as unique and elegant for the season.

I picked up EX 33 Shiny Gold and EX 35 Deep Black Red.

EX 33 Shiny Gold contains several different sized glitters suspended in a semi-translucent gold base making it totally opaque in just 2 coats. The multi-dimensional shimmers also provided immaculate shine and extreme wear – like most glitter nail polishes. The glitters apply very easily together with the smooth consistency of the nail polish. Because EX 33 Shiny Gold contains fine silver and gold glitters, the outcome is not as yellow as some golds – it doesn’t darken my fingers and I think this shade will go on very well with many skin tones.

I would totally recommend EX 33 Shiny Gold if you don’t have such a shade in your collection.

EX 35 Deep Black Red is a deep purple, almost black with red micro-shimmers running through. This is a very interesting shade under the light as it reflects the red shimmers very nicely. However, it looks like an ordinary deep purple under night-light which is such a shame. The formula isn’t the easiest to work with and tends to be sheer and streaky during the first layer but it evens out upon application of the second coat. 2 coats are sufficient for opacity.

I am not sure if it’s the formula of Lunasol’s nail polishes, both these nail polishes have a rather matte finish on my nails. A glossy top coat definitely makes the difference here.

I wore the above set of nails for a week and I am very impressed with its lasting power despite being a little disappointed with the formula. They lasted throughout the week (with cooking and washing) with very minimal tip wear – I am honestly amazed.

Have you tried Lunasol Nail Finishes before? Do you think you will?

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Lunasol Nail Finish In EX 33 Shiny Gold & EX 35 Deep Black Red

  1. These two colors are so perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Great photos as always, Joey!

    I have a few Lunasol nail finishes, and love their smooth and easy-to-apply texture.

  2. I love the gold glitter nail polish at first sight! Are they still available? Where did u get yours? Nice blog n u are gorgeous.

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