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Back In 10 Days’ Time

Hello everyone, just in case you are wondering why your comments haven’t been approved or why haven’t I replied your email – I am away to Perth for a little while and I shall get back to you once I return.

My sister planned this trip and I am just tagging along. She did all the research and booked the flights and accommodation – well done and thank you sis!! We will be visiting the farm and several other places – the last time I went Perth was more 10 years ago, I wonder if it has changed? The most exciting part of this trip is having little niece coming along. Wonder if she’s going to like the weather in Perth and wonder how she is going to cope with the long midnight flight.

I guess this trip is going to be a whole new experience – managed to get sis to squeeze in some time for shopping, shall see how that goes!!

I have pre-written some posts and this blog will be on auto-pilot. Hope you like the entries and I can’t wait to get back with more images of Perth.

Thank you for visiting and shall speak to all of you soon.

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