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Comparing Chanel Le Vernis In 08 Pirate With Others

Good morning everyone, the sun was shining very brightly the day I did these comparisons. It was a rather fruitful one and I hope it helped.

In this post, I will be comparing Chanel Le Vernis in 08 Pirate (view original post here) released together with the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet earlier this month, with several other red nail polishes I have in my collection namely, Chanel 487 Rouge Fatal, Chanel 475 Dragon, Dior 853 Masai Red, Essie Silken Cord, Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin, Estée Lauder 21 Pure Red and China Glaze China Rouge.

Let’s take a look at all the red nail polishes without flash in the above picture.

Chanel 487 Rouge Fatal and Dior 853 Masai Red leans a little brown and Chanel 475 Dragon is “heavier” than other reds like Essie Silken Cord and Estée Lauder 21 Pure Red. I would describe Essie Silken Cord as a relatively young and bright red with Estée Lauder 21 Pure Red just a little older.

From swatches on the transparent nail chart, you can also tell the opacity of each nail colour.

With flash in the above picture and two close-ups below, you may be able to tell that Chanel 08 Pirate has a hint a magenta and China Glaze China Rouge is pretty comparable to it swatched side-by-side.

Let’s give these gorgeous reds a matte makeover.

I love red nail polishes as they can never go wrong. I like how red nails brighten up my complexion and spice up my outfits.

What are your thoughts about these shades? And what do you think about transparent nail charts? I used to purchase those white ones which seem more sturdy, the transparent ones are more fragile. But I think the transparent ones show the opacity and texture of the nail polishes better. I actually don’t mind either so long I get a brief idea of the colour.

Thank you for reading.

All swatches swatched with 2 coats of nail polishes on a transparent plastic nail chart without topcoat unless otherwise stated.

6 thoughts on “Comparing Chanel Le Vernis In 08 Pirate With Others

    • Hi Krisie,
      They are two quite different reds!!
      Dragon is timeless and classic, Pirate is young and fun..
      If I can only choose one, it would be Dragon for it’s superb quality and elegance =)

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