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Introducing Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011

In honor of Shu Uemura’s founding principle “art is a way of life“, Shu Uemura continues to strengthen the bond between art and beauty in its ongoing series of artist collaborations for the 2011 holiday collection.

For the 2011 holiday season, Shu Uemura comes together with internationally renowned film director Wong Kar Wai. Wong is an award-winning writer/director whose unique narrative and visual styles have touched audiences around the world and inspired a generation of filmmakers.

Wong Kar Wai is a “master of colors“, just like Mr. Shu Uemura. Possessing a unique perspective on femininity, he has specialized in capturing the mystique of women. In collaboration with Wong Kar Wai, Shu Uemura introduces a holiday collection rich in emotions and atmosphere, with beautiful package decoration inspired by his special short film for Shu Uemura, “Mask“. With his distinctive appreciation of femininity and his signature style that is both nostalgic and hip, this collection emphasizes timeless elegance and poetic tones and takes the Shu Uemura look to a new dimension.

United through an incredible sense of color and eternal pursuit of beauty, Wong Kar Wai and Shu Uemura come together to create a fantasy world. Indulge in sensuous emotion, experience the essence of beauty and boldly express your own passion this 2011 holiday season.

Burning In Water Eye & Cheek Palette S$115
Shimmery blue eyes burn with intensity. When classic blue is fused with silver sparkles, a new fairytale begins. Deep aqua is infused with energy. Express the flush of passion from within by cheek colors.

Drowning In Flame Eye & Cheek Palette S$115
Drown in the impulse; indulge in love and passion. When everlasting tender rose is touched with golden duct, a story begins to glow. Express natural warmth and femininity with application of cheek colors.

Dance In GLitter Premium Edition False Eyelash S$125
Graceful and luscious eyes for special nights. Dancing in a shower of shining glitter, entice all around you with these delicate, ravishing eyelashes.

Jeweled Love Point/Accent False Eyelash S$45
Enhance your femininity with these partial eyelashes to cast a tender and alluring gaze. Lashes blended with fluttery, classical bordeaux feathers create a soft, gorgeous look. Decorated with gold crystals, it is perfect for a holiday celebration.

Glorious Masquerade Glittery Mascara S$45
Sparkling glitter creates a mysterious golden veil and a hologram reflection on your lashes. Use as a topcoat over mascara for maximum glamour or use alone for a subtle sparkling finish to make your heart dance.

Pleasure Rose Lustrous Glow Powder S$65
This warm, rosy powder with shimmering gold pearls enhances a lustrous glow. Use to create a natural transparent complexion or to add a lively blush to cheeks.

Mini Nail Duo S$49 each set
A set of 2 mini bottles to enjoy rich, glamorous colors alone or to create original nail art to accessorize your fingertips with sparkling gold and silver glitters for cool or hot drama.

  • Bleu Splendor A set of cool and classy yet playful colors. A starry shine in a midnight blue Christmas sky
  • Festive RougeA pair just right for the festive season. Pearly warm and deep rouge meets golden charm

Rouge Unlimited S$39 each
Drown in the sensuality of glimmering red lips. Classy yet playful 3 colors for alluring femininity. A brightly glittering shade to add a fun, festive shine to lips.

  • Rouge LusterExpress the heat of passion with this deep tender rose shade and a delicate gold shimmer
  • Pink FlushCaress your lips with this bright, warm pink tone with a fresh, glossy finish
  • Glitter Fuse An innocent beige shade with a heavenly splash of golden dust full of hope

Flashing Gold Mini Brush Set S$125
A light, soft and handy portable brush set for any kind of party printed with an exclusive image from “Mask”. Includes four professional brushes and case.

White Recovery EX+ Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula S$155
Like watching a scene from “Mask”, an exquisite image decorates this edition of brightening cleansing oil. The perfect way to end a festive day – gently remove your makeup with cleansing oil for beautiful shining skin.

The main actress of “Mask” directed by Wong Kar Wai is Sandrinne Pinna, a rising star in the Taiwan film scene. Shu Uemura’s international artistic director Kakuyasu Uchiide proposed a passionate and cool makeup inspired by glittering gold in red and blue for the nights of the holiday season.


Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011 will roll out at all Shu Uemura counters on 11 Nov 2011, exclusive launch at Takashimaya on 4 Nov 2011.

Thank you for reading.

Updated with official information and images from the press kit. All the rights of visuals belong to the Wong Kai Wai, BLOCK 2 Pictures Inc. Copyright © 2011 Wong Kar Wai, BLOCK 2 Pictures Inc. All rights are reserved.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011

  1. I love the names of the eyeshadow palettes! I may cave for Burning in Water and LUSTROUS GLOW POWDER, pity about the gorgeous wording that will probably come off within a couple of uses though.

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