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Preview Of Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011

The preview of Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011 was held at a cosy and private cinema lounge – a very thoughtful venue, particularly for this collection. For more information about the products, prices and launch dates, click here. In this post, I will take you through the event, the products I like from the collection and swatches – stick to the end.

A makeup demonstration featuring Burning In Water Eye & Cheek Palette dawned the event and it was very nicely harmonized with the music playing in the background. The atmosphere immediately escalated as all of us had our eyes only on the demonstration – it was a very dramatic and artistic moment.

Inspired by a poem written by Charles Bukowski “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”, Wong’s emotional masterpiece is a portrait of the liberating passion deep within our hearts, which reinvents ourselves with sparks of red passion that slowly burn, until they overflow. Gently they enwrap the entire body, burning like ice, drowning in fire.

A fantasia rich with emotions, “Mask” is a dance between the extreme heat of passion and a sea of calm, climaxing in a glittering shower of healing beauty. Every face is a celebrating of life and nothing can stop the flow of your passion this holiday season.

After the makeup demonstration, Meng FuanShu Uemura Assistant Product Manager gave a short introduction to the collection and ShaoyuanShu Uemura Brand Manager revealed the collection.

The Pleasure Rose Lustrous Glow Powder caught my attention first, a sheer pink base with gold shimmer face powder. The gold wordings on the palette is a thin layer of over spray which will be gone after 1 use. The powder feels very luxurious and soft, I love it but I forgot to take a picture of the swatch. Sorry.

The Jeweled Love False Eyelash is a set of delicate deep red/burgundy fur layered on top of black false eyelashes with a row of gold crystals.

Colours of the Rouge Unlimited are dazzling. Pink Flash and Glitter Fuse are semi-sheer with Rouge Luster offering an opaque finish. All swatches beautifully and smoothly – they are very creamy as well.

The Glorious Masquerade Glittery Mascara is quite interesting. A mascara with sheer gold base infused with sparkling glitter bits.

And finally, I have both the Eye & Cheek Palette for you. Each palette contains four 1.1g pressed eyeshadows, a 0.9g cream cheek and a 1.1g glow on blush. Out of the 4 eyeshadows, 1 of them is glittery and all of them have excellent colour payoff. They are very soft and creamy. The cream cheek colour is sharp and fierce but can be blended out easily and with a little help of the glow on blush, you get perfect glowing cheeks.

Left: Burning In Water Right: Drowning In Flame

Personally, I like the Pleasure Rose Lustrous Glow Powder, Jeweled Love False Eyelash, Rouge Unlimited in Pink Flash and Glitter Fuse and Drowning In Flame Eye & Cheek Palette. Did I mention that the packaging are real cool – they are hologram images on the Eye & Cheek Palettes and the Cleansing Oil. Extremely fun, goes with the theme and origin of Wong Kar Wai being a film director.

I am very impressed with this collection, its overall a winner. This collection covers every aspect of what one needs, you will probably find something you like too – be it false eyelash, eyeshadow palette, lipstick, brush set or the cleansing oil. I honestly wowed.

Creating something that is universally beautiful. This is Art.

Mr. Shu Uemura

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Preview Of Shu Uemura Makeup Collection By WKW For Holiday 2011

  1. both eye and cheek palettes and all lip colors are so lovely, Joey! Very pigmented shades to brighten up our Holidays! 🙂

      • Am thinking of picking up the one of the cheek and lip palettes, Joey! I used to enjoy buying Shu Uemura skin care products when they had a booth inside the Cosmetics department of Nordstrom. Now that they only take USA orders online, it’s difficult for me to makeup my mind on colors. Grateful for the very few bloggers (such as you) who will feature this wonderful brand! 🙂

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