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E-Shed Markets & A Delicious Mexican Meal

The next morning, we visited the E-Shed Markets – just a street away from our apartment, located on Peter Hughes Drive.

There is a pathway which cuts through the railway tracks leading us straight across to the market. The E-Shed Markets was a little disappointing and I think we all agreed that Fremantle Markets is way better – in terms of lighting, spacial arrangements and selection of stalls.

The sun was shining very brightly and as always, I love the sun because it loves me – never fail to make us look flawless even without much makeup.

Inside the E-Shed Markets, you will find accessories, gift shops, clothes and shoes – most of which looks rather similar to those we can find from Thailand and Malaysia.

You can find many café and restaurants along Market Street and South Terrace – there will be at least one or two that suits your taste buds.

We were craving for some Mexican food and stopped at The Mexican Kitchen. The food is amazing – I highly recommend this place if you are living in Perth/Fremantle or visiting soon. We had Mexican Fruit Punch, De Pollo Fajitas, Kitchen Nachos, Steak Fajitas and Seafood Chalupa.

The Fajitas comes with warm flour tortillas too. Delicious.

After a satisfying meal, we walked around Fremantle city for a bit. Priceline and Target were awesome, filled with makeup – well, I only focused on the makeup section. MYER looks rather sad, it’s dark and gloomy unlike the ones that I have been to in Melbourne and Sydney.

The cosmetics section was rather empty when I was there so I took some pictures for those who are interested.

The sunny and warm afternoon couldn’t get any better with a little snack.

Little niece is growing up rapidly. She runs around and climb the sofa like there’s no tomorrow. She’s so active and getting a little demanding too. She is starting to learn more words but still baby talks quite a lot – so adorable, it’s hard to get pissed sometimes.

I find Fremantle very laid back which is very relaxing for a vacation. We normally prepare our own breakfast and dinner at the apartment. It’s perfect for a family getaway.

Thank you for reading.

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