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Kailis’ Fish Market Café

The Kailis’ Fish Market Café houses multi award-winning Fish & Chips – really?

Located at Fishing Boat Harbour on Mews Road, the café is overlooking fishing boats and the Indian Ocean. It’s merely a 2 minutes drive from our apartment on Leake Street. It can get a little chilling and windy towards the evening – remember to wear something warm if you are planning to dine outdoors.

Little niece was well prepared with her puffy purple coat.

The Kailis’ Fish Market Café offers quite an extensive seafood menu. But the most interesting food I found was the Fish & Chip Gelato. I tried a little, it tastes so good and when it tastes that good, you know, it doesn’t really taste like Fish & Chip. But definitely worth a try.

We ordered some Fish & Squid and Seafood Chowder to share. The fish tastes absolutely delicious – fresh, clean and soft but it could have been way better if the batter is more crispy.

Beside the café, is the Fish Market. I took a peep at what they have while waiting for the food. They have a wide variety of seafood including shark’s meat.

Overlooking the Challenger Harbour and Indian Ocean.

Overall, a nice place to chill and grab a quick meal. The food we had were average if you ask me but they are incredibly fresh – perhaps you can try something else on the menu if you visit the Kailis’ Fish Market Café in the future.

Do you fancy Fish & Chips?

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