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Let’s Party With Bobbi Brown Party Holiday Collection 2011

Hello everyone, how’s the shopping coming along? I haven’t fully recovered from my flu and I am still coughing quite badly. However, I popped by Takashimaya on Friday to pick up some items from Shu Uemura and realised Bobbi Brown It’s Your Party Holiday Collection 2011 has rolled out too. So, here are my picks from the collection.

I bought the Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette and 20th Anniversary Lip Palette from DFS during my recent trip to Perth.

The Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette includes 4 Sparkle Eyeshadows in Pink Rose, Crushed Silver, Black Ruby and Onyx. Retails at S$56 (DFS) as compared to S$79 in town, consists of 8g of product, made in China. I have not been following Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadow palettes in a while, since their Fall collections I believe. When I saw this palette, I knew I must have it – for its colour and sparkle.

Unlike typical Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, these are less creamy and less pigmented but the shine is irresistible. They can be layered on top of eyeshadows to add dimension or used alone for that subtle twist of glamour.

The 20th Anniversary Lip Palette features the 10 original Lip Colors launched by Bobbi in 1991 – plus 10 bright, ultra modern options. Comes with a mini Lip Brush and mirror. This palette is every lipstick lover’s dream come true. I love it. The palette is compact, travel-friendly, contains all the colours I need and more. I can’t wait to travel with it.

Retails at S$59 (DFS) as compared to S$99 in town, contains 4g of product, made in China.

The only item I wanted from this collection which wasn’t available at DFS last month is the Party Shimmer Brick. I have been wanting a Shimmer Brick for the longest time and I am so excited Bobbi Brown came up with this gold and silver limited edition one. Retails at S$70 in town, contains 7g of product, made in Italy.

Has anything from this collection caught your attention?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Party With Bobbi Brown Party Holiday Collection 2011

  1. Wow Joey. What great savings!! I am eyeing the shimmerbrick. Cant wait to check this out. Swatches or looks soon I hope:) Hope you get better soon;)

  2. I just had to have the Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette and I was not disappointed. It is gorgeous, glamourous, and such pretty grown up sparkle. You are so right that you can wear it as is or layer it over other colors. Can’t imagine who wouldn’t look good in this. Great for all eye colors. Get one!

  3. I like a “clean eye” so I don’t wear a lot of eye makeup. I prefer to have very nice skin, clean eyes, soft color on cheeks and a rich lip. For the Ruby Sparkle palette, for day I just put the pink sparkle on the lid and a small amount of the white sparkle below the brow but not over the whole brow bone, just underneath the brown following it’s curve. Then, in the late afternoon you can add the other colors, one to line the lower lashes and the other at the outer corner of the eye for drama and intensity. If you really want to look dramatic for evening (after dark!) you could put some of the darker colors in the crease or line the upper eye lid in a cat’s eye sweep at the outer edge. It’s fun to play with different looks with the same palette as the day wears on.

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