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Sunflowers Animals Farm & Farmstay

Sunflowers Animal Farm & Farmstay is our next destination and we will be spending two nights here before heading to our last stop at Perth city. The farm is located on Caves Road, about 5 minutes’ drive away from the Duckstein Brewery (mentioned here).

Once we arrived and unloaded our luggages, we went for the Tractor Ride. The ride took us round the farm’s perimeters and stopped at a little stream for boat racing. We also toasted some marshmallows.

Meet Lola, she’s incredibly friendly and beautiful.

Some other animals we met during the stay.

Every morning, we get a bucket of food and go round the farm feeding the animals. Little niece enjoyed it although she got a little scared when the goat came too close.

It was a very enjoyable stay at the farm. We managed to get really up close and personal to the animals and they are all very friendly and tame.

We get up at about 7 in the morning and pony ride is at half 8. After breakfast, we will go for feeding and drive out to explore Margaret River. We usually get back before 4 in the evening, just in time for feeding. From 5pm, we stay in our unit to prepare dinner and watch DVDs.

Might sound a little boring but it’s really spending quality time with the family. By 10pm, we are soundly asleep. Being at the farm reminded me of my New Zealand trip last year. Similar sort of routine.

Thank you for reading and hope you are enjoying the pictures so far.

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