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Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette

Hello everyone, today I will be sharing some of my thoughts together with swatches of the Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette – a palette that I set eyes on even before seeing swatches online. I have also included a few other Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow swatches for your viewing pleasure.

The Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette is part of Bobbi Brown Party Holiday Collection 2011 released in Singapore last week. As mentioned previously, I got this palette from DFS and it retails at only S$59 instead of S$79 in town. This is the only eyeshadow palette I picked up from the collection because I simply adore the sparkles.

This palette includes 4 Sparkle Eyeshadows, 3 are new – in Pink Rose, Crushed Silver, Black Ruby and Onyx.

  • Pink Rose (new) is a semi-sheer pale pink with pink and silver pearl/glitter
  • Crushed Silver (new) is a semi-sheer white with iridescent pink and silver pearl/glitter
  • Onyx is a mauve brown with silver pearl/glitter
  • Black Ruby (new) is a burgundy brown with iridescent pink and plum pearl/glitter

Below, we have Evergreen from Bare to Bold Eye Palette and Star from Crystal Eye Palette. In the second picture, we have Black from Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection last Fall which is absolutely stunning, the shimmer is just breathtaking.

  • Evergreen is a teal which leans slightly green, olive with silver pearl/glitter
  • Star is a sheer white with silver pearl/glitter
  • Black is a metallic navy base with teal, plum and silver pearl/glitter

Amongst them, Star has the weakest colour payoff. Crushed Silver is very similar but more pigmented and has iridescent pink shimmer/glitter. Black and Onyx have the most intense colour payoff. Evergreen reminds me ever so slightly of NARS Trio Eyeshadow in Delphes (reviewed here) but more opaque.

And I deem Black and Black Ruby the most complex and interesting.

Personally, I find the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows easily one of the best shimmer/glitter pressed eyeshadows available in the market. They are soft, kind of creamy and are not gritty in texture, perfect to be worn alone or layered over eyeshadows for that extra drama. They also create a sort of wet-look on the lids which adds extra dimension.

The Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette is the perfect introductory palette to these amazing eyeshadows. You get 4 very versatile shades in one compact.

I wouldn’t recommend using all four shades for one eye look but rather, this palette comes in pretty handy and is all that you need should you require some glamorous sparkles on your eyes. You can wear Onyx alone, add Black Ruby to the outer corners of your eyes to define a neutral look, add Crushed Silver to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up or you can gently pat Pink Rose on top of your classic smoky eye look.

I highly recommend this palette to everyone who loves sparkles.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette

  1. You have tempted me once again! haha 🙂 Have fallen in love with the palette when i saw the promotional pictures, but as reviews online were mixed i wasn’t sure. Will get it now after reading your review!

    • Hi S.H,
      It’s a beautiful palette but I guess it’s subject to individual’s taste and practice?
      Some may find it too troublesome to layer or too glittery for the lids..
      But I think it’s perfect for the season =)

  2. Ur swatches are soo good. I saw some other swatches online n didnt think of gtg it.. But now.. Ooppss.. Im not too sure, might end up gtg it. 😉

  3. Your swatches are beautiful!
    I was seriously tempted into getting this palette, stunned by the beautiful glitters of Pink Rose layered over Onyx. I did not get it in the end, as I find the colours really too sheer for me to handle. I’m one of those who would find it too troublesome to layer these colours to bring out the beauty of their glitters. ;p But I’m looking forward to see your EOTD with this palette. 🙂

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