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16 thoughts on “Shiseido Private Sale 2011

  1. You girls are so lucky, I don’t know if we get Shiseido warehouse sales. I wonder if I they do. Maybe in New York, but why not LA? Now I’ve got to research this.

      • You’re so right, but I don’t think the bargains at IMATs are the same as the warehouse sales. I used to go the Stila warehouse sale in Hollywood and you could get eyeshadows for about 2 USD, it was amazing, all cash and totally fantastic. But if you are in NY and know someone you can go to the Estee Lauder library, they keep a stock of all their old stock there. But it’s like a golden ticket to get in. My cousin knew someone who had pull. It’s like a cosmetics wonderland.

        • Hi D,
          Thank you for sharing the insights info!!
          I never knew EL has a library =)
          How I wish there is something like this here too..
          And 2 USD for eyeshadows is a great steal!!

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