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Discover An Ancient Wonderland

Remember the Lucas Cave I visited in Sydney 3 months ago? This time, we explored the Lake Cave along Margaret River. Lake Cave is a stunning crystal wonderland of timeless beauty.

Descend into a giant doline on a guided tour, passing ancient Karri trees, giant limestone cliffs and enormous weathered stalactites which create the atmosphere of a lost primeval world. Inside the cave, observe the crystalline beauty of the cave’s reflections in the lake and bewildering formations including the Suspended Table.

The Lucas Cave and the Lake Cave are two very different caves. Although I am not a cave or limestone expert, I could tell the difference in the formation of limestone. Each has its own uniqueness and the most exciting part of exploring the Lake Cave is, of course the lake and there are actually living creatures in there.

Before entering the cave, I can’t help but freaked myself out a little – think the movie, The Cave.

We had to walk down some seriously steep stairs which will eventually lead us to the cave’s opening – which collapsed hundreds of years ago. Unlike Lucas Cave, Lake Cave feels slightly moist and smells a little damp – due to the water. But nothing overpowering and the path was clean and dry. The Lake Cave is very small as compared to Lucas Cave. I think it’s approximately 1/3 the size? No tedious slopes or steps once you enter the cave – perfect for small children and because there is less climbing, I think it’s suitable for older people too.

If you are wondering, little niece was on a baby carrier and asleep during the tour.

We exit the same way we entered and it feels really good to see sun light.

For those who are wondering, picture below shows some of the creatures living inside the Lake Cave.

Overall, I think the Lake Cave is worth exploring if you have some extra time on hand. The Suspended Table and reflections from the lake is very beautiful. Personally, I like the Lucas Cave more because it’s bigger, which means more things to look at and the limestone formations are more define.

The Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave are very nearby, perhaps those can be great alternatives.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day ahead.

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