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Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher In #2

Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher in #2 is part of their Limited Edition Styling Romantic Holiday Makeup Collection 2011. Retails at S$49 for 8g of product, made in Korea.

The blush is contained in a festive printed double-decker plastic casing and it comes with a brush.

Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher in #2 consists of a matte orange, matte peach, frosted white and frosted rose. When blended together, you get a soft shimmery coral pink that glows beautifully. Each of the shades have their own distinct characteristics with frosted white and frosted rose being the most pigmented. The embossed patterns on the product mimics the design on the packaging and it’s still visible after my 8th use.

The blush doesn’t smell of anything in particular. I like how it blends together to create the ideal blush shade and density I desire – sometimes I pick up a little more frosted rose for that extra shimmer and at times, I skip that shade totally. I also like how versatile this blush is, I can use a smaller brush to pick up a bit of the frosted white for highlighting.

I feel that this blush will look great on warmer skin tones – it brighten up my complexion and it’s natural. I have been wearing it regularly recently, since I am testing it and I like it even without much eye makeup on. The shades are not entirely unique but I find it very wearable for all occasions. You might not like it if you are not a fan of shimmering blushers or have open pores around your cheek area. But on the other hand, if you are a fan of shimmering and glowing cheeks, you will probably like it.

Texture of the blush is soft and finely milled. It stays on pretty well on a hot, humid day – say 5 hours. Overall, I like it and I can see myself using it daily as it pairs very well with neutrals and brown eyeshadows.

If you are wondering what Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher in #1 looks like, head down to The Makeup Blogette here for swatches and here for a look Sophia did featuring the blusher. It has also been reviewed on Makeup Stash here.

Thank you for reading, hope this post has been helpful.

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