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Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory & The Margaret River Chocolate Company

While we were staying at the Sunflowers Animals Farm, we visited a few factories around the area. In this post, I will be sharing the two factories I think are worth going – that is if you are a soap and chocolate fanatic like me of course.

First stop, the Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory located along Puzey Road, Wilyabrup.

The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory was established in 1993 by Louis and Edwina Scherini for their three children because they were suffering from eczema. The Scherini were inspired to research and create a chemical free alternative that was safe for the children to use.

Early experiment includes using a bucket and wooden spoon in their own kitchen. Once perfected, the soap was shared with family and friends and word about the product started to spread. Now, their successful cottage industry has developed into a highly sought after product both locally and internationally.

The factory invites us to immerse in the delightful, relaxing, aroma therapy experience and the range caters for people with all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin.


I am very impressed with their selection of products – range from soap to shampoo and lip balms. They also have a wide variety of soap combination – from unscented pure olive to spearmint and green tea. The people working there were friendly, willing to help and professional. I picked up several different flavours with lavender and chamomile being my favourite. The SA only needed one sniff, she could tell which is which and kindly helped me label them.

We also got to view the working factory from a mezzanine level, taking in the process from the manufacture through to the individually hand packaged finished products.

The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory hands blend several varieties of luxurious body products, using natural and organic ingredients, pure rainwater and the finest that mother nature has provided. They also use locally grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an age-old moisturizer, rich in antioxidants, chosen not only for its healing qualities, it is also particularly good for sensitive skin.

100% Essential Oils are used to gently perfume the skin, infusing our body with pure plant extracts to rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin. Herbs and spices, flowers and clays are used to add colour and texture to the soaps.

Open 10am – 5pm daily.

Enter a world of chocolate, The Margaret River Chocolate Company located along Harman’s Mill Road, Willyabrup. It’s huge and filled with chocolate related products from corner to corner. It’s a great place to pick up gifts for family and friends including colleagues. Once you step into the factory, you can smell nothing else but cocoa – it’s wonderful.

Established in 1999, this factory features free chocolate tastings, a chocolate café, gift shop, merchandise and award-winning chocolate.

Open 9am – 5pm daily except Christmas Day.

Range from white chocolate to dark chocolate. They even have a fine selection of body products which smells just like chocolate. As much as I love chocolate, I am not too keen of smelling like one so I didn’t pick up any. Tho I must say, I was a little tempted to buy the chocolate lip balm to try.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company’s special blend of smooth, European-style chocolate is made from some of the finest raw ingredients in the world. The company sources “raw chocolate” called couveture (a mixture of the cocoa products, sugar and in some cases milk powder) from the world’s finest cocoa houses and then further processes the raw chocolate to create a distinctive flavour, texture and style. The true art of the chocolatier is then used to make a mouth-watering range of unique chocolate products.

In addition to its great taste, quality chocolate contains vitamins A, B1, C, D and E as well as iron, calcium, potassium and high levels of magnesium. It also releases “feel good” chemicals in the brain.


Both factories are not too far apart, filled with friendly workers and generous testers and sampling – it’s impossible not to fall in love with their products.

Thank you for reading.

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