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Illamasqua Nail Varnish In Faux Pas

Taking a lead from the colour-coded specialities of the Wittenberg Platz’s domineering Boot Girls, Illamasqua introduces confident new shades in Taint (stone brown), Kink (bottle green), Vice (deep cerise) and Faux Pas (blue violet). In a brazen display of utter indulgence, the Theatre Of The Nameless proudly parades a kinky new waxy “rubber-look” finish to Illamasqua’s hard-wearing, chip-resistant Nail Varnish.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Faux Pas is a bright blue-violet which I find really hard to capture its true colour. I tried several camera settings and in various lightings, the swatches you see below are the best I could achieve. You can find more pictures, reviews and swatches on Temptalia, All Lacquered Up and Vampy Varnish shares with us her entire Illamasqua nail varnish collection – impressive.

Retails at GBP13.50 for a bottle of 15ml which converts to approximately S$27 excluding shipping.

This range of nail polishes comes with a detectable rubber cap instead of the typical polished ones. In order to show you the rubberized finish better, all swatches are taken without a base nor top coat with 2 coats of nail colour – without flash, under natural sunlight.

The consistency of Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Faux Pas is creamy and smooth, like most of the rest in their line. Very pigmented colours and they are true to what you see in bottle. This shade can pass off as a one-coater but like in most cases, two coats offer the best coverage and more intense colour payoff. Upon application, it seems similar to all nail polishes – glossy but as it dries, it turns rubbery. It takes approximately 1-2 mins to see the effects but do be careful, even when the surface has turned rubbery, it hasn’t completely dry underneath.

I have always been a fan of Illamasqua’s nail polishes since my first over a year ago. When Illamasqua emailed me saying they would like to send me some products from this collection, I was extremely excited. I honestly had no idea what I will be receiving. I was secretly hoping for Vice, Ambition or Morale – I wanted to order them but they were constantly out-of-stock since launch.


Overall, I find the formula and the finishing interesting. Selection of colour is somehow still pretty limited but I like all the 4 shades. They are extremely edgy and chic. However, I wish Illamasqua would develop a rubber top coat like Chanel’s matte top coat. This way, we can all have rubberized finish on any colours we like.

If you are a nail polish enthusiast, I would highly recommend you pick at least one of them to try. If not, pick something from their original formula – Illamasqua Nail Varnishes are simply amazing (Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for Best Nail Varnish 2010).


Illamasqua’s online store ships internationally – including nail products, at a flat rate of GBP8.50 (used to be GBP7.50) but occasionally, they provide free international shipping with orders over GBP50. I noticed they have recently included nail swatches. Hover of product image to view swatch. I have shopped with them many times, you can search my tags at the bottom left of the blog or type “Illamasqua” in the search box on your right.

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Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week ahead.

Selected text and information extracted from Illamasqua leaflet and website.

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