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6 Makeup Brands To Explore

TOM FORD [website]

Tom Ford, a multi-talented, good-looking, former Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute and Gucci, created the Tom Ford brand in 2005. The Tom Ford brand consists of Mens Wear, Womens’ Wear, Eye Wear and have recently branched out with a full range of Beauty products.

He describes his collection as a wardrobe of lush, sexy colours for eyes, lips and nails, complexion-perfection makeup and high-performance skin treatment. And that his collection allows women to highlight our most beautiful features, enhance the architecture of our face and make the look we love.

The Tom Ford Beauty line is luxurious and sensuous.

I would really love to see Tom Ford’s beauty line in person. I want to feel the textures and play with the colours. All the promotional pictures look so beautiful, the brushes look so soft and the eyeshadows look so silky.

A few bloggers and YouTube gurus have tried Tom Ford, find out what they think;-

  • London Beauty Review [here]
  • The Gloss Goss [here]
  • Karla Sugar [here]
  • The Beauty Look Book [here]
  • Goss Makeup Artist on YouTube [here]
  • The RAEviewer on YouTube [here]

Tom Ford products do come with a hefty price tag, is it really worth it?

ADDICTION [website]

A brand by Makeup Artist, Ayako, created for women of all ages who seek their own original style. Colours and textures with many previously nonexistent variations were developed on the experiences of Ayako. The luxurious and high-quality finish with no frills practically looks as if order made.

Learned about ADDICTION through Iris and Mag. Just by browsing their website got me addicted to the brand and let’s hope I will not be addicted to the products when I finally get hold of some. I am particularly interesting in their eyeshadows, false eyelashes, lipsticks, blushes and blush sticks. Wide range of captivating colours, textures and finishings. I am getting excited as I am typing this entry.

Check out reviews and swatches of some ADDICTION in the following blogs;-

  • Makeup Stash [here]
  • Rouge Deluxe [here]
  • Miss Elain-nio [here]


London-born and Moscow-London based Rouge Bunny Rouge is quickly moving from a quirky cult secret to a global beauty brand with international acclaim. RBR combines the best from the worlds of cosmetics and design, while treasuring Victorian-style fairy tale and Tsarist aristocratic identity at its core. In an era when most brands are concerned with following the trend, we provide something quite different; a thoughtfully balanced palette of colours, for true seekers of beauty, who choose beauty over brand name or fad.

Wearable, blendable and adaptable textures and shades within our new and existing collections are timely and continuously updated with the best developments to be found in the leading European and Japanese laboratories. We are one of the first decorative cosmetics companies that are substantially blurring the line between make-up and skin care through technological advancement.
Four founders, Swen Lorenz, Ginny Gulati, Raf De Schutter and Alexandra De Montfort launched RBR in Russia in 2006 and haven’t looked back since.  Alexandra De Montfort, our Creative Director, continues to endeavour to bring you the latest and best from the world of cosmetics.

I have been wanting to try products by Rouge Bunny Rouge for such a long time. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to locate. If given the chance, I would love to try their face and lip products. It seems like their face products have gained excellent reputation throughout the world and here are a few;-

  • Sara Hassan’s Blog [here]
  • Café Makeup [here]
  • Sparkles Unlimited [here]
  • Lady of the Lane [here]
  • Karla Sugar has amazing swatches (as always) of their lipsticks [here]

D&G [website]

Dolce&Gabbana makeup is a collection of luxury colour cosmetics created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Inspired by the Dolce&Gabbana woman who surrounds herself with luxury and glamour, this is a classic range of must-have products. Pure metal gold packaging conveys harmony through the contrast of straight lines and soft, rounded edges. The collection’s palette is inspired by the richness of the Mediterranean, the glamour of Hollywood and the femininity of a woman.

The creation of Dolce&Gabbana makeup is an intensely personal project for the Designers, who directed the development of the collection with extreme attention to detail.  The gold metal case embossed with the Dolce&Gabbana logo is an accessory to show off. Contrasting yet harmonious fabric swatches from the Fashion collections were target shades for the makeup colors. Renowned Make Up Artist Pat McGrath, who has collaborated with the Designers for over 10 years, transformed their brief into products.

A multi-faceted range, Dolce&Gabbana makeup has a palette that takes women from day to night. Each item has been uniquely crafted with distinctive details yet remains modern and practical. Creating countless possibilities, the striking colours abound from muted to vivid and classic to technicolor. Enlivened textures present endless inspiration, from the landscape of Stromboli’s glistening black sand; to the high gloss runways of Milan.

D&G makeup has been around for a few years but I still haven’t got hold of any. Lisa Eldridge featured a palette she used during a photoshoot here and it’s gorgeous. If I ever came across the D&G makeup counter, I tell you, I will go crazy. I want to swatch everything and probably end up with 5 eyeshadow palettes, foundation and face powders.

BY TERRY [website]

The lady behind By Terry cosmetics, Terry de Gunzburg grew up in a family of scientists and it was natural for her to begin her studies at medical school but she abandoned that for the world of art and creation.

She decided to pursue university-level art studies but first, rather by curiosity and as a challenge, she took the very prestigious courses in aesthetics taught by the Carita sisters, Maria and Rosy. That summer session was the turning point of her life, where TERRY assembled the elements that would become her life work. Through another unexpected stroke of luck, she became a Studio Makeup Artist. One day when no one else was available, Maria Carita sent her to take charge of the makeup at a photo session: not only for Vogue magazine but the Haute-Couture issue!

Not knowing precisely what was expected of her, she went straight to the honest essentials, concentrating on what she was best at, with perfect success. “An impeccable mouth, an invisible complexion, full, separate lashes… I focus on my know-how!”  says TERRY.

Whenever TERRY talks about makeup, luxury is foremost in her thoughts. As she puts it, “luxury is what is rare, made with conscience and passion, founded on know-how”. TERRY expresses her values and her beauty expertise in the image of Fashion Houses that produce ready-to-wear versions of their Haute Couture creations. She conceives and concretizes her creative strategies in her “Haute Couleur” laboratory, located above her original Paris boutique in the Galerie Véro-Dodat. From the doors of this laboratory emerge cutting edge, innovative formulas, products based on today’s most sophisticated techniques and purest pigments.

I am sure you are no stranger to By Terry products. They are readily available at TANGS Orchard, Sephora ION and Paragon, probably a few more other places – I am not too sure. Every time I pass by their counter, I will take a look, swatch and walk away. I have not purchased anything from the brand before. I am afraid, afraid that I will fall for the brand and go all crazy – from experience, this usually happens and it’s not good for the wallet.

I love all the packaging of By Terry products – especially the lipstick and compact casings. Posh, sleek, modern, clean and feminine at the same time. I also love the engraved patterns of the brand printed on their blushers and powders – very unique and understated. Love their blushers and lipstick – might treat myself one for Christmas.

Tanya Burr did Selena Gomez makeup tutorial using one of By Terry’s lipstick here, absolutely breathtaking and I think that’s what got me excited.

JILL STUART [website]

Jill Stuart was born and raised in New York. Her parents managed a ladies’-wear firm. At the tender age of 15, she announced her first collection of jewelry and handbags, attracting the eye of Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, America’s premier department stores.

Jill began studying fashion in earnest and at the age of 27, she established her own fashion line, Jill Stuart. She opened her flagship store in New York’s SoHo district, where she unveiled the Jill Stuart 1994 New York Collection.

In 2005, a decade after the launch of her brand, Jill launched the Jill Stuart cosmetics line.

My big dream has come true! Producing my own cosmetics products was one of my big dreams. Hope you like them and enjoy!

I am sure Jill Stuart cosmetics is no stranger to all of you either. I have never really paid attention to this brand before because, one, there are not available in Singapore and two, most blogs that I read hardly features them. I have always been very interesting in their Blush Blossom (pictured above). They look so pretty and soft to touch.

Their packaging is something I didn’t like before, like Anna Sui packagings. They are extremely nice and I appreciate all the intricate details but I didn’t have space to store makeup with fancy packaging. I had very limited space and wouldn’t it be a waste if I had to squeeze them into drawers instead of displaying them nicely on my vanity table?

I have a dressing table now and I am ready for some Jill Stuart.


Thank you for sticking through this post with me. That’s a lot of words up there as I have included some history of each brand – they always fascinates me, to know who created them and to understand the concept behind the brand which sets them differently.

Unfortunately, most of the brands mentioned in this post are not available in Singapore. I don’t know when they will be and who is willing to bring them in. However, they are a few online stores selling these brands. If given the chance, I would love to shop for the products in person because I don’t want to spend so much on shipping with possible tax to find that the colour or texture is something I don’t like.

Zuneta is having FREE International Shipping at the moment, if you would like to pick up some Rouge Bunny Rouge products, here’s your chance. I ordered some yesterday morning and it has been despatched at night.

Many thanks to the internet and bloggers who writes about these products including swatches, now we can all have a piece of it, mentally.

According to the word count function on WordPress, I have typed out approximately 1810 words in this post and I shall call it a day. Thank you so much for reading and do share with me what products you like or dislike from the brands above if you have tried them before.

What makeup brands would you like to explore yourself?

Selected information extraction from various sources, images from website and search engines.

6 thoughts on “6 Makeup Brands To Explore

  1. I would go crazy too over Edward Bess, Nars and Armani. I used to be crazy over addiction too but my addiction has luckily died down since I acquired a small collection.

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